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Detailed Translations for impotence from English to German


impotence [the ~] noun

  1. the impotence (powerlessness)
    die Ohnmacht; die Hilflosigkeit; die Schwäche; die Kraftlosigkeit; die Schlaffheit
  2. the impotence (helplessness; powerlessness)
    die Hilflosigkeit

Translation Matrix for impotence:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Hilflosigkeit helplessness; impotence; powerlessness
Kraftlosigkeit impotence; powerlessness feebleness; frailty; lack of energy; languor; lethargy; slackness; trivial; weakness
Ohnmacht impotence; powerlessness faint; fainting fit; fainting-fit; incapacity; powerlessness; swoon; unconsciousness
Schlaffheit impotence; powerlessness dejection; depression; feebleness; frailty; lack of energy; languor; lethargy; malaise; mouldiness; mustiness; recession; slackness; slump; stuffiness; trivial; weakness
Schwäche impotence; powerlessness blunder; caving in; collapse; collapsing; decline; deficiency; fall; falling down; feebleness; flaw; frailty; gap; imperfection; impressionability; lack; relapse; sagging; shortcoming; slackness; trivial; want; weak point; weakness
- impotency; powerlessness
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- impotency

Synonyms for "impotence":

Antonyms for "impotence":

  • power; powerfulness; potency; potence

Related Definitions for "impotence":

  1. the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble1
  2. an inability (usually of the male animal) to copulate1

Wiktionary Translations for impotence:

  1. powerlessness
  2. erectile dysfunction
  1. kPl.|: Unfähigkeit, etwas zu tun

Cross Translation:
impotence Impotenz impotentie — onvermogen tot geslachtsgemeenschap