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Detailed Translations for intrusive from English to German


intrusive adj

  1. intrusive (obtrusive; pushy)

Translation Matrix for intrusive:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aufdringlich insistent; intrusive; obtrusive; pushy critical; delicate; penetrating; perilous; precarious; touchy
zudringlich insistent; intrusive; obtrusive; pushy bold; critical; delicate; meddlesome; perilous; precarious; touchy

Related Words for "intrusive":

  • intrusiveness, intrusively

Synonyms for "intrusive":

Antonyms for "intrusive":

  • unintrusive; extrusive; protrusive

Related Definitions for "intrusive":

  1. tending to intrude (especially upon privacy)1
    • she felt her presence there was intrusive1
  2. thrusting inward1
    • an intrusive arm of the sea1
  3. of rock material; forced while molten into cracks between layers of other rock1

Wiktionary Translations for intrusive:

  1. tending to intrude
  2. forced between layers of rocks