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Detailed Translations for live through from English to German

live through:

to live through verb (lives through, lived through, living through)

  1. to live through (endure)
    durchmachen; erleben; mitmachen; miterleben
    • durchmachen verb (mache durch, machst durch, macht durch, machte durch, machtet durch, durchgemacht)
    • erleben verb (erlebe, erlebst, erlebt, erlebte, erlebtet, erlebt)
    • mitmachen verb (mache mit, machst mit, macht mit, machte mit, machtet mit, mitgemacht)
    • miterleben verb (miterlebee, miterlebest, miterlebet, miterlebete, miterlebetet, miterlebt)

Conjugations for live through:

  1. live through
  2. live through
  3. lives through
  4. live through
  5. live through
  6. live through
simple past
  1. lived through
  2. lived through
  3. lived through
  4. lived through
  5. lived through
  6. lived through
present perfect
  1. have lived through
  2. have lived through
  3. has lived through
  4. have lived through
  5. have lived through
  6. have lived through
past continuous
  1. was living through
  2. were living through
  3. was living through
  4. were living through
  5. were living through
  6. were living through
  1. shall live through
  2. will live through
  3. will live through
  4. shall live through
  5. will live through
  6. will live through
continuous present
  1. am living through
  2. are living through
  3. is living through
  4. are living through
  5. are living through
  6. are living through
  1. be lived through
  2. be lived through
  3. be lived through
  4. be lived through
  5. be lived through
  6. be lived through
  1. live through!
  2. let's live through!
  3. lived through
  4. living through
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for live through:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
durchmachen endure; live through bear; encounter; endure; experience; feel; go on; go on partying; stand; sustain
erleben endure; live through bear; encounter; endure; experience; feel; stand; sustain
miterleben endure; live through co-operate; join; join in; participate; take part
mitmachen endure; live through be a cast member; co-operate; join; join in; join in the game; participate; participate in; play along with; take part; take part in; witness

Wiktionary Translations for live through:

Cross Translation:
live through durchmachen; erleben; mitmachen meemaken — getuige zijn van een gebeurtenis

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