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  1. make sour:


Detailed Translations for make sour from English to German

make sour:

to make sour verb (makes sour, made sour, making sour)

  1. to make sour
    • säuern verb (säuere, säuerst, säuert, säuerte, säuertet, gesäuer)
  2. to make sour (turn sour; get acid; sour)
    gerinnen; sauer werden
    • gerinnen verb (gerinne, gerinnst, gerinnt, gerann, gerannt, geronnen)
    • sauer werden verb (werde sauer, wirdst sauer, wird sauer, wurde sauer, wurdet sauer, sauer geworden)
  3. to make sour (acidify; sour)
    säuern; ansäuern
    • säuern verb (säuere, säuerst, säuert, säuerte, säuertet, gesäuer)
    • ansäuern verb

Conjugations for make sour:

  1. make sour
  2. make sour
  3. makes sour
  4. make sour
  5. make sour
  6. make sour
simple past
  1. made sour
  2. made sour
  3. made sour
  4. made sour
  5. made sour
  6. made sour
present perfect
  1. have made sour
  2. have made sour
  3. has made sour
  4. have made sour
  5. have made sour
  6. have made sour
past continuous
  1. was making sour
  2. were making sour
  3. was making sour
  4. were making sour
  5. were making sour
  6. were making sour
  1. shall make sour
  2. will make sour
  3. will make sour
  4. shall make sour
  5. will make sour
  6. will make sour
continuous present
  1. am making sour
  2. are making sour
  3. is making sour
  4. are making sour
  5. are making sour
  6. are making sour
  1. be made sour
  2. be made sour
  3. be made sour
  4. be made sour
  5. be made sour
  6. be made sour
  1. make sour!
  2. let's make sour!
  3. made sour
  4. making sour
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for make sour:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ansäuern acidify; make sour; sour
gerinnen get acid; make sour; sour; turn sour clot; coagulate; curdle
sauer werden get acid; make sour; sour; turn sour
säuern acidify; make sour; sour

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