Detailed Translations for mind from English to German


mind [the ~] noun

  1. the mind (disposition; character; soul; heart)
    die Natur; der Charakter; Gemüt; die Seele; die Art; Wesen
  2. the mind (awareness; reason)
    die Einsicht; Bewußtsein; die Erkenntnis; der Verstand; Erkennen

to mind verb (minds, minded, minding)

  1. to mind (watch out; look out)
    aufpassen; hüten; achtgeben auf
    • aufpassen verb (passe auf, passt auf, passte auf, passtet auf, aufgepast)
    • hüten verb (hüte, hütest, hütet, hütete, hütetet, gehütet)
  2. to mind (interfere; intervene; blend; )
    • bemühen verb (bemühe, bemühst, bemüht, bemühte, bemühtet, bemüht)

Conjugations for mind:

  1. mind
  2. mind
  3. minds
  4. mind
  5. mind
  6. mind
simple past
  1. minded
  2. minded
  3. minded
  4. minded
  5. minded
  6. minded
present perfect
  1. have minded
  2. have minded
  3. has minded
  4. have minded
  5. have minded
  6. have minded
past continuous
  1. was minding
  2. were minding
  3. was minding
  4. were minding
  5. were minding
  6. were minding
  1. shall mind
  2. will mind
  3. will mind
  4. shall mind
  5. will mind
  6. will mind
continuous present
  1. am minding
  2. are minding
  3. is minding
  4. are minding
  5. are minding
  6. are minding
  1. be minded
  2. be minded
  3. be minded
  4. be minded
  5. be minded
  6. be minded
  1. mind!
  2. let's mind!
  3. minded
  4. minding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for mind:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Art character; disposition; heart; mind; soul category; class; course; disposition; genre; inclination; kind; manner; method; methodology; mode; nature; quality; race; sort; species; style; tribe; type; way
Bewußtsein awareness; mind; reason awareness; concept; conception; consciousness; idea; notion; realisation; realization
Charakter character; disposition; heart; mind; soul character; characters; disposition; dispositions; inclination; inclinations; letters; nature; natures; personality; symbols
Einsicht awareness; mind; reason acknowledgement; admission; awareness; concept; conception; consciousness; discernment; idea; insight; notion; opinion; perception; realisation; realization; understanding; view; vision; wisdom
Erkennen awareness; mind; reason awareness; badge; consciousness; decoration; idea; insight; insignia; mark; notion; realisation; realization; vision
Erkenntnis awareness; mind; reason acknowledgement; admission; appreciation; awareness; concept; conception; consciousness; discernment; discovery; experience; finding; gnosis; gratefulness; gratitude; idea; insight; notion; realisation; realization; recognition; recognizing; thankfulness; thanks; vision
Gemüt character; disposition; heart; mind; soul disposition; feeling; inclination; knack; nature
Natur character; disposition; heart; mind; soul character; disposition; inclination; nature
Seele character; disposition; heart; mind; soul drive; energy; gin; impetus; jenever; momentum; soul; spirit; spunk; strength; thoroughness
Verstand awareness; mind; reason acumen; acuteness; awareness; brain; brainpower; concept; conception; consciousness; discernment; genius; idea; insight; intellect; intellectual powers; intelligence; keen perception; mental capacity; notion; realisation; realization; sagacity; sense; sharp-mindedness; sharpness; shrewdness; slyness; thought; understanding
Wesen character; disposition; heart; mind; soul being; character; crux; disposition; essence; figure; human; human being; inclination; individual; man; mortal; nature; person
- brain; creative thinker; head; idea; intellect; judgement; judgment; nous; psyche; thinker
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
achtgeben auf look out; mind; watch out
aufpassen look out; mind; watch out attend to; be careful; be careful of; beware; guard; look out; monitor; pay attention; pay attention to; protect; shield; take care; watch; watch out; watch over
bemühen blend; interfere; intervene; mind; mix; step in; stir together
hüten look out; mind; watch out attend to; be careful; beware; guard; herd; keep watch over; look out; monitor; patronise; patronize; pay attention to; preserve; protect; safeguard; save; shield; take care; watch; watch out; watch over
- bear in mind; beware; heed; listen; take care
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- worry

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Related Definitions for "mind":

  1. that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason1
    • his mind wandered1
  2. knowledge and intellectual ability1
    • he reads to improve his mind1
  3. attention1
    • don't pay him any mind1
  4. recall or remembrance1
    • it came to mind1
  5. an opinion formed by judging something1
    • she changed her mind1
  6. your intention; what you intend to do1
    • he had in mind to see his old teacher1
  7. an important intellectual1
    • the great minds of the 17th century1
  8. keep in mind1
  9. be concerned with or about something or somebody1
  10. be on one's guard; be cautious or wary about; be alert to1
  11. be offended or bothered by; take offense with, be bothered by1
    • I don't mind your behavior1
  12. be in charge of or deal with1
  13. pay close attention to; give heed to1

Wiktionary Translations for mind:

  1. to dislike, object to, have a contrary opinion toward
  2. to look after
  3. to pay attention to
  1. healthy mental state
  2. philosophy: non-material substance
  3. desire, inclination, or intention
  4. judgment, opinion, or view
  5. somebody that embodies certain mental qualities
  6. ability to focus the thoughts
  7. ability to remember things
  8. ability to be aware of things
  9. ability for rational thought
  1. mit Hilfe:Dativ-Objekt: durch etwas stören werden, jemandem etwas bedeuten
  1. Fähigkeit, zu verstehen, zu urteilen und zu denken
  2. Gesamtheit der geistigen und seelischen Kräfte eines Menschen; die Wesensart eines Menschen
  3. das Denken als Bestandteil der Individualität
  4. umgangssprachlich: Verstand, Denkvermögen

Cross Translation:
mind aufpassen faire attention — Agir avec prudence
mind beaufsichtigen; beobachten; betrachten; verfolgen; halten observer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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