Detailed Translations for modify from English to German


to modify verb (modifies, modified, modifying)

  1. to modify (change; reshape; alter; reform; rewrite)
    • modifizieren verb (modifiziere, modifizierst, modifiziert, modifizierte, modifiziertet, modifiziert)
  2. to modify (update; touch up; improve)
  3. to modify (alter; change)
    ändern; verändern; modifizieren; umgestalten; abändern; umändern
    • ändern verb (ändere, änderst, ändert, änderte, ändertet, geändert)
    • verändern verb (verändere, veränderst, verändert, veränderte, verändertet, verändert)
    • modifizieren verb (modifiziere, modifizierst, modifiziert, modifizierte, modifiziertet, modifiziert)
    • umgestalten verb (gestalte um, gestaltest um, gestaltet um, gestaltete um, gestaltetet um, umgestaltet)
    • abändern verb (abändere, abändert, abänderte, abändertet, geabändernet)
    • umändern verb
  4. to modify (nuance; differentiate)
    nuancieren; differenzieren

Conjugations for modify:

  1. modify
  2. modify
  3. modifies
  4. modify
  5. modify
  6. modify
simple past
  1. modified
  2. modified
  3. modified
  4. modified
  5. modified
  6. modified
present perfect
  1. have modified
  2. have modified
  3. has modified
  4. have modified
  5. have modified
  6. have modified
past continuous
  1. was modifying
  2. were modifying
  3. was modifying
  4. were modifying
  5. were modifying
  6. were modifying
  1. shall modify
  2. will modify
  3. will modify
  4. shall modify
  5. will modify
  6. will modify
continuous present
  1. am modifying
  2. are modifying
  3. is modifying
  4. are modifying
  5. are modifying
  6. are modifying
  1. be modified
  2. be modified
  3. be modified
  4. be modified
  5. be modified
  6. be modified
  1. modify!
  2. let's modify!
  3. modified
  4. modifying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for modify:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abändern alter; change; modify alter; amend; change; conjugate; create; decline; inflect; interchange; invent; make; review; revise; switch; transform; vary
aktualisieren improve; modify; touch up; update refresh; reload; repaint; update
auf den neusten Stand bringen improve; modify; touch up; update
differenzieren differentiate; modify; nuance differentiate
modifizieren alter; change; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite
nuancieren differentiate; modify; nuance differentiate; discern; discriminate; distinguish; nuance
umgestalten alter; change; modify breed; clean up; clone; cultivate; redevelop; refactor; regenerate; relive; reorganise; reorganize; restore; restructure; transform
umändern alter; change; modify change; change for; convert; date; exchange; interchange; shunt; swap; switch; swop; trade
verändern alter; change; modify alter; change; change for; convert; create; exchange; interchange; invent; make; shunt; swap; switch; swop; trade; transform; vary
ändern alter; change; modify alter; alternate with; change; create; differ; diverge; interchange; invent; make; range; switch; transform; variate; vary
- alter; change; qualify

Related Words for "modify":

Synonyms for "modify":

Related Definitions for "modify":

  1. make less severe or harsh or extreme1
    • please modify this letter to make it more polite1
    • he modified his views on same-gender marriage1
  2. add a modifier to a constituent1
  3. cause to change; make different; cause a transformation1

Wiktionary Translations for modify:

  1. to make partial changes to

Cross Translation:
modify ändern; verändern wijzigen — zodanig aan iets werken dat het anders wordt
modify modifizieren modifierchanger une chose dans quelqu’une de ses parties.