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  1. most wanted:


Detailed Translations for most wanted from English to German

most wanted:

most wanted adj

  1. most wanted (favoured)

Translation Matrix for most wanted:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
angenehm favoured; most wanted agreeable; alluring; appealing; attractive; beautiful; benevolent; charming; comfortable; conciliatory; congenial; cosy; cozy; cute; delicate; easy going; endearing; engaging; enjoyable; entrancing; fine; genial; good; good looking; good-looking; good-natured; gratifying; great; handsome; happy; joyful; kind; likable; lovely; memorable; mild; nice; personable; pleasant; pleasing; pleasurable; pretty; salutary; slim; snap; snug; sweet; sympathetic; winsome
beliebt favoured; most wanted adorable; affectionate; beloved; cherished; dear; desirable; devote; familiar; gladly seen; honored; honoured; in demand; in request; loved; popular; precious; sought-after; sweet; wanted
bevorzugt favoured; most wanted chosen; favoured; preferential; privileged; selected
gefragt favoured; most wanted adorable; desirable; gladly seen; in demand; in request; popular; sought-after; wanted
geliebt favoured; most wanted affectionate; beloved; caressed; cherished; dear; desirable; devote; fondled; gladly seen; in demand; loved; petted; popular; precious; sought-after; stroked; sweet; wanted; well beloved
gesucht favoured; most wanted adorable; desirable; gladly seen; in demand; popular; sought-after; wanted
gewollt favoured; most wanted adorable; caressed; desirable; familiar; fondled; gladly seen; in demand; in request; petted; popular; sought-after; stroked; wanted

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