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Detailed Translations for pass over from English to German

pass over:

to pass over verb (passes over, passed over, passing over)

  1. to pass over (miss out)
    überschlagen; überspringen; übergehen; auslassen; aussetzen
    • überschlagen verb (überschlage, überschlägst, überschlägt, überschlug, überschlugt, übergeschlagen)
    • überspringen verb (überspringe, überspringst, überspringt, übersprang, übersprangt, übersprungen)
    • übergehen verb (übergehe, übergehst, übergeht, übergang, überganget, übergegangen)
    • auslassen verb (lasse aus, läßt aus, ließt aus, ausgelassen)
    • aussetzen verb (setze aus, setzt aus, setzte aus, setztet aus, ausgesetzt)

Conjugations for pass over:

  1. pass over
  2. pass over
  3. passes over
  4. pass over
  5. pass over
  6. pass over
simple past
  1. passed over
  2. passed over
  3. passed over
  4. passed over
  5. passed over
  6. passed over
present perfect
  1. have passed over
  2. have passed over
  3. has passed over
  4. have passed over
  5. have passed over
  6. have passed over
past continuous
  1. was passing over
  2. were passing over
  3. was passing over
  4. were passing over
  5. were passing over
  6. were passing over
  1. shall pass over
  2. will pass over
  3. will pass over
  4. shall pass over
  5. will pass over
  6. will pass over
continuous present
  1. am passing over
  2. are passing over
  3. is passing over
  4. are passing over
  5. are passing over
  6. are passing over
  1. be passed over
  2. be passed over
  3. be passed over
  4. be passed over
  5. be passed over
  6. be passed over
  1. pass over!
  2. let's pass over!
  3. passed over
  4. passing over
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pass over:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
auslassen miss out; pass over air; become less stiff; dissolve; drop; give vent to; let off steam; melt away; melt down; omit; smelt; vent; work off
aussetzen miss out; pass over blame; consider; externalise; externalize; falter; put outside; rebuke; regard; reprimand; scrap; stagnate; stay put; stick; stop; take outside; think it over; think out; waver
übergehen miss out; pass over go across; go over; move over; walk across
überschlagen miss out; pass over advise; calculate; consider; draw up; figure out; suggest; think over; value
überspringen miss out; pass over jump over; skip
- cover; cross; cut across; cut through; get across; get over; jump; move through; overfly; pass across; pass through; skip; skip over; track; transit; traverse; wipe

Synonyms for "pass over":

Related Definitions for "pass over":

  1. bypass1
  2. rub with a circular motion1
  3. fly over1
  4. travel across or pass over1
  5. make a passage or journey from one place to another1

Wiktionary Translations for pass over:

pass over
  1. (intransitiv) mit einer Fähre von einem Gewässerufer zum anderen fahren

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