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  1. plonk:


Detailed Translations for plonk from English to German


to plonk verb (plonks, plonked, plonking)

  1. to plonk (pluck strings)
    schlagen; zupfen
    • schlagen verb (schlage, schlägst, schlägt, schlug, schlugt, geschlagen)
    • zupfen verb (zupfe, zupfst, zupft, zupfte, zupftet, gezupft)

Conjugations for plonk:

  1. plonk
  2. plonk
  3. plonks
  4. plonk
  5. plonk
  6. plonk
simple past
  1. plonked
  2. plonked
  3. plonked
  4. plonked
  5. plonked
  6. plonked
present perfect
  1. have plonked
  2. have plonked
  3. has plonked
  4. have plonked
  5. have plonked
  6. have plonked
past continuous
  1. was plonking
  2. were plonking
  3. was plonking
  4. were plonking
  5. were plonking
  6. were plonking
  1. shall plonk
  2. will plonk
  3. will plonk
  4. shall plonk
  5. will plonk
  6. will plonk
continuous present
  1. am plonking
  2. are plonking
  3. is plonking
  4. are plonking
  5. are plonking
  6. are plonking
  1. be plonked
  2. be plonked
  3. be plonked
  4. be plonked
  5. be plonked
  6. be plonked
  1. plonk!
  2. let's plonk!
  3. plonked
  4. plonking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for plonk:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
schlagen plonk; pluck strings affect; bang; batter; battle with; beat; belt; cleave; clip; combat; concern; contest; cut; drive; drive in nails; drive piles; fight; gain; hammer; hew through; hit; hit out hard; move; nail; nail down; pound; punch; quarrel; ram; scrap; scuffle; slap; smack; smash; spike; strike; thump; touch; turn cartwheels; win
zupfen plonk; pluck strings disentangle; disentwine; unravel
- flump; plank; plop; plump; plump down; plunk; plunk down

Related Words for "plonk":

  • plonking, plonker

Synonyms for "plonk":

Related Definitions for "plonk":

  1. the noise of something dropping (as into liquid)1
  2. a cheap wine of inferior quality1
  3. set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise1