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Detailed Translations for reproduce from English to German


to reproduce verb (reproduces, reproduced, reproducing)

  1. to reproduce (describe)
    wiedergeben; beschreiben; erklären
    • wiedergeben verb (gebe wieder, gibst wieder, gibt wieder, gab wieder, gabt wieder, wiedergegeben)
    • beschreiben verb (beschreibe, beschreibst, beschreibt, beschrieb, beschriebt, beschrieben)
    • erklären verb (erkläre, erklärst, erklärt, erklärte, erklärtet, erklärt)
  2. to reproduce (photocopy; copy; xerox)
    reproduzieren; nachbilden; kopieren
    • reproduzieren verb (reproduziere, reproduzierst, reproduziert, reproduzierte, reproduziertet, reproduziert)
    • nachbilden verb (bilde nach, bildst nach, bildt nach, bildte nach, bildtet nach, nachgebildet)
    • kopieren verb (kopiere, kopierst, kopiert, kopierte, kopiertet, kopiert)
  3. to reproduce (multiply)
    • fortpflanzen verb (pflanze fort, pflanzt fort, pflanzte fort, pflanztet fort, fortgepflanzt)

Conjugations for reproduce:

  1. reproduce
  2. reproduce
  3. reproduces
  4. reproduce
  5. reproduce
  6. reproduce
simple past
  1. reproduced
  2. reproduced
  3. reproduced
  4. reproduced
  5. reproduced
  6. reproduced
present perfect
  1. have reproduced
  2. have reproduced
  3. has reproduced
  4. have reproduced
  5. have reproduced
  6. have reproduced
past continuous
  1. was reproducing
  2. were reproducing
  3. was reproducing
  4. were reproducing
  5. were reproducing
  6. were reproducing
  1. shall reproduce
  2. will reproduce
  3. will reproduce
  4. shall reproduce
  5. will reproduce
  6. will reproduce
continuous present
  1. am reproducing
  2. are reproducing
  3. is reproducing
  4. are reproducing
  5. are reproducing
  6. are reproducing
  1. be reproduced
  2. be reproduced
  3. be reproduced
  4. be reproduced
  5. be reproduced
  6. be reproduced
  1. reproduce!
  2. let's reproduce!
  3. reproduced
  4. reproducing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for reproduce:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beschreiben describe; reproduce characterise; characterize; define; depict; describe; mark; outline; sketch; state precisely
erklären describe; reproduce announce; clarify; communicate; elucidate; exemplify; explain; expound; illustrate; impart; inform; intimate; list; make clear; make explicit; make one's opinion known; make something accessible; make something clear; mention; state; throw light on
fortpflanzen multiply; reproduce breed; clone; cultivate; raise; rear
kopieren copy; photocopy; reproduce; xerox copy; crib; duplicate; imitate; make a copy; multiply; rip; stencil; take off
nachbilden copy; photocopy; reproduce; xerox copy; counterfeit; duplicate; falsify; forge; imitate; make a copy; make a copy of; multiply
reproduzieren copy; photocopy; reproduce; xerox double; duplicate; multiply
wiedergeben describe; reproduce announce; impersonate; inform; interpret; pay back; personify; play; portray; recite; refund; repeat; report; represent; state
- multiply; procreate; regurgitate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- render

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Synonyms for "reproduce":

Related Definitions for "reproduce":

  1. have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant1
  2. repeat after memorization1
  3. make a copy or equivalent of1
    • reproduce the painting1
  4. recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.1
    • this DVD player reproduces the sound of the piano very well1
    • He reproduced the feeling of sadness in the portrait1

Wiktionary Translations for reproduce:

  1. to generate offspring