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  1. sweep together:


Detailed Translations for sweep together from English to German

sweep together:

to sweep together verb (sweeps together, swept together, sweeping together)

  1. to sweep together (gather)
    zusammenfegen; zusammenkehren
    • zusammenfegen verb (fege zusammen, fegst zusammen, fegt zusammen, fegte zusammen, fegtet zusammen, zusammengefegt)
    • zusammenkehren verb (kehre zusammen, kehrst zusammen, kehrt zusammen, kehrte zusammen, kehrtet zusammen, zusammengekehrt)

Conjugations for sweep together:

  1. sweep together
  2. sweep together
  3. sweeps together
  4. sweep together
  5. sweep together
  6. sweep together
simple past
  1. swept together
  2. swept together
  3. swept together
  4. swept together
  5. swept together
  6. swept together
present perfect
  1. have swept together
  2. have swept together
  3. has swept together
  4. have swept together
  5. have swept together
  6. have swept together
past continuous
  1. was sweeping together
  2. were sweeping together
  3. was sweeping together
  4. were sweeping together
  5. were sweeping together
  6. were sweeping together
  1. shall sweep together
  2. will sweep together
  3. will sweep together
  4. shall sweep together
  5. will sweep together
  6. will sweep together
continuous present
  1. am sweeping together
  2. are sweeping together
  3. is sweeping together
  4. are sweeping together
  5. are sweeping together
  6. are sweeping together
  1. be swept together
  2. be swept together
  3. be swept together
  4. be swept together
  5. be swept together
  6. be swept together
  1. sweep together!
  2. let's sweep together!
  3. swept together
  4. sweeping together
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for sweep together:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
zusammenfegen gather; sweep together
zusammenkehren gather; sweep together

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