Detailed Translations for unwind from English to German


to unwind verb (unwinds, unwinded, unwinding)

  1. to unwind (unfold; unroll; unfurl)
    ausrollen; entrollen
    • ausrollen verb (rolle aus, rollst aus, rollt aus, rollte aus, rolltet aus, ausgerollt)
    • entrollen verb (entrolle, entrollst, entrollt, entrollte, entrolltet, entrollt)
  2. to unwind
    abwickeln; abwinden
    • abwickeln verb (wickele ab, wickelst ab, wickelt ab, wickelte ab, wickeltet ab, abgewickelt)
    • abwinden verb (winde ab, windest ab, windet ab, wand ab, wandet ab, abgewunden)

Conjugations for unwind:

  1. unwind
  2. unwind
  3. unwinds
  4. unwind
  5. unwind
  6. unwind
simple past
  1. unwinded
  2. unwinded
  3. unwinded
  4. unwinded
  5. unwinded
  6. unwinded
present perfect
  1. have unwinded
  2. have unwinded
  3. has unwinded
  4. have unwinded
  5. have unwinded
  6. have unwinded
past continuous
  1. was unwinding
  2. were unwinding
  3. was unwinding
  4. were unwinding
  5. were unwinding
  6. were unwinding
  1. shall unwind
  2. will unwind
  3. will unwind
  4. shall unwind
  5. will unwind
  6. will unwind
continuous present
  1. am unwinding
  2. are unwinding
  3. is unwinding
  4. are unwinding
  5. are unwinding
  6. are unwinding
  1. be unwinded
  2. be unwinded
  3. be unwinded
  4. be unwinded
  5. be unwinded
  6. be unwinded
  1. unwind!
  2. let's unwind!
  3. unwinded
  4. unwinding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for unwind:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abwickeln unwind do out; entomb; inter; put out; remove; settle; take off
abwinden unwind
ausrollen unfold; unfurl; unroll; unwind
entrollen unfold; unfurl; unroll; unwind
- decompress; disentangle; loosen up; make relaxed; relax; slow down; unbend; unlax; unroll; unstrain; wind off

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Related Definitions for "unwind":

  1. cause to feel relaxed1
  2. become less tense, rest, or take one's ease1
  3. reverse the winding or twisting of1
    • unwind a ball of yarn1
  4. separate the tangles of1

Wiktionary Translations for unwind:

  1. To wind off
  2. To relax
  3. To be or become unwound