Detailed Translations for ventilation from English to German


ventilation [the ~] noun

  1. the ventilation
    die Belüftung; die Ventilation; die Lüftung; die Entlüftung

Translation Matrix for ventilation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Belüftung ventilation
Entlüftung ventilation
Lüftung ventilation
Ventilation ventilation
- airing; breathing; external respiration; public discussion; respiration; ventilating system; ventilation system
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- venting

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Related Definitions for "ventilation":

  1. the act of supplying fresh air and getting rid of foul air1
  2. the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation; the process of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation1
  3. a mechanical system in a building that provides fresh air1
    • she was continually adjusting the ventilation1
  4. free and open discussion of (or debate on) some question of public interest1

Wiktionary Translations for ventilation:

  1. replacement of stale or noxious air with fresh
  2. mechanical system used to circulate and replace air
  1. Bewegung der Luft zur Beseitigung verbrauchter, verunreinigter Luft, besonders in geschlossenen Räumen
  2. fachsprachlich: Versorgung eines Raumes/Systems mit Frischluft durch Luftaustausch oder kontinuierlichem Luftwechsel
  3. das Entlüften von Räumen; das entlüftet werden von Bauwerken

Cross Translation:
ventilation Auslüftung; Durchlüftung; Auslüften; Durchlüften; Ventilation aérationaction d’aérer ou résultat de cette action.


to ventilate verb (ventilates, ventilated, ventilating)

  1. to ventilate (bring something up)
    sagen; anschneiden
    • sagen verb (sage, sagst, sagt, sagte, sagtet, gesagt)
    • anschneiden verb (schneide an, schneidest an, schneidet an, schnitt an, schnittet an, angeschnitten)
  2. to ventilate
    ventilieren; lüften; belüften
    • ventilieren verb (ventiliere, ventilierst, ventiliert, ventilierte, ventiliertet, ventiliert)
    • lüften verb (lüfte, lüftst, lüftt, lüftte, lüfttet, gelüftet)
    • belüften verb (belüfte, belüftest, belüftet, belüftete, belüftetet, belüftet)
  3. to ventilate (give expression to; express; utter; )
    ausdrücken; in Worte fassen; mitteilen; sich aus drücken
  4. to ventilate (supply; feed; energize; energise)

Conjugations for ventilate:

  1. ventilate
  2. ventilate
  3. ventilates
  4. ventilate
  5. ventilate
  6. ventilate
simple past
  1. ventilated
  2. ventilated
  3. ventilated
  4. ventilated
  5. ventilated
  6. ventilated
present perfect
  1. have ventilated
  2. have ventilated
  3. has ventilated
  4. have ventilated
  5. have ventilated
  6. have ventilated
past continuous
  1. was ventilating
  2. were ventilating
  3. was ventilating
  4. were ventilating
  5. were ventilating
  6. were ventilating
  1. shall ventilate
  2. will ventilate
  3. will ventilate
  4. shall ventilate
  5. will ventilate
  6. will ventilate
continuous present
  1. am ventilating
  2. are ventilating
  3. is ventilating
  4. are ventilating
  5. are ventilating
  6. are ventilating
  1. be ventilated
  2. be ventilated
  3. be ventilated
  4. be ventilated
  5. be ventilated
  6. be ventilated
  1. ventilate!
  2. let's ventilate!
  3. ventilated
  4. ventilating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ventilate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anschneiden bring something up; ventilate bring up; broach; broach a subject; cut into; put forward; put on the table; raise
ausdrücken express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; reveal oneself; speak; talk; utter; ventilate blab; chat; chatter; crush; express; formulate; have a conversation; impersonate; interpret; narrate; peg out; personify; phrase; pinch out; portray; put into words; rattle; relate; represent; speak; squeeze; squeeze dry; squeeze empty; squeeze out; talk; tell; verbalise; verbalize; voice; word
belüften ventilate
entgegenbringen energise; energize; feed; supply; ventilate bring forward; bring in; initiate; introduce; nominate; present; propose; raise
in Worte fassen express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; reveal oneself; speak; talk; utter; ventilate express; formulate; phrase; put into words; verbalise; verbalize; voice; word
lüften ventilate
mitteilen express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; reveal oneself; speak; talk; utter; ventilate announce; blab; cover; define; denounce; depict; describe; disclose; explain; expound; give away; inform; inform against; list; make known; mention; narrate; notify; peach; recount; report; reveal; say; send word; squeal; state; tell; tell tales
sagen bring something up; ventilate announce; blab; chat; chatter; communicate; converse; discuss; have a conversation; inform; narrate; rattle; relate; report; speak; state; talk; tell
sich aus drücken express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; reveal oneself; speak; talk; utter; ventilate
ventilieren ventilate
zuführen energise; energize; feed; supply; ventilate
- air; air out; give vent; vent

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Related Definitions for "ventilate":

  1. expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen1
  2. furnish with an opening to allow air to circulate or gas to escape1
    • The architect did not think about ventilating the storage space1
  3. give expression or utterance to1
  4. circulate through and freshen1
    • The gust of air ventilated the room1
  5. expose to the circulation of fresh air so as to retard spoilage1
    • Wheat should be well ventilated1

Wiktionary Translations for ventilate:

  1. To replace stale or noxious air with fresh
  2. To circulate air through a building, etc.
  3. To expose something to the circulation of fresh air
  4. (medicine) To provide manual or mechanical breathing to a patient
  1. intransitiv: einem Raum Frischluft zu- oder abführen
  2. mit Frischluft versorgen

Cross Translation:
ventilate lüften ventileren — verse lucht in een ruimte brengen
ventilate auslüften; durchlüften; der Luft aussetzen; ventilieren aérerassainir en mettre en contact avec l’air.
ventilate ventilieren ventilerrenouveler l’air au moyen d’un ventilateur.

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