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  1. wear off:


Detailed Translations for wear off from English to German

wear off:

to wear off verb (wears off, wore off, wearing off)

  1. to wear off (wear down; wear out)
    • abnutzen verb (nutze ab, nutzt ab, nutzte ab, nutztet ab, abgenutzt)

Conjugations for wear off:

  1. wear off
  2. wear off
  3. wears off
  4. wear off
  5. wear off
  6. wear off
simple past
  1. wore off
  2. wore off
  3. wore off
  4. wore off
  5. wore off
  6. wore off
present perfect
  1. have worn off
  2. have worn off
  3. has worn off
  4. have worn off
  5. have worn off
  6. have worn off
past continuous
  1. was wearing off
  2. were wearing off
  3. was wearing off
  4. were wearing off
  5. were wearing off
  6. were wearing off
  1. shall wear off
  2. will wear off
  3. will wear off
  4. shall wear off
  5. will wear off
  6. will wear off
continuous present
  1. am wearing off
  2. are wearing off
  3. is wearing off
  4. are wearing off
  5. are wearing off
  6. are wearing off
  1. be worn off
  2. be worn off
  3. be worn off
  4. be worn off
  5. be worn off
  6. be worn off
  1. wear off!
  2. let's wear off!
  3. worn off
  4. wearing off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wear off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abnutzen wear down; wear off; wear out become worn; get worn out; tire out; wear out
- wear; wear away; wear down; wear out; wear thin

Synonyms for "wear off":

Related Definitions for "wear off":

  1. deteriorate through use or stress1
  2. diminish, as by friction1

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