Detailed Synonyms for avail oneself of in English

avail oneself of:

avail oneself of verb

  1. avail oneself of
    apply; to implement; to utilize; to use; to employ; to make use of; to engage; to enforce; to practise; to adopt; avail oneself of; to administer; to take; to practice; to utilise
    • apply verb
    • implement verb (implements, implemented, implementing)
    • utilize verb, American (utilizes, utilized, utilizing)
    • use verb (uses, used, using)
    • employ verb (emploies, employed, employing)
    • make use of verb (makes use of, made use of, making use of)
    • engage verb (engages, engaged, engaging)
    • enforce verb (enforces, enforced, enforcing)
    • practise verb, British (practises, practised, practising)
    • adopt verb (adopts, adopted, adopting)
    • administer verb (administers, administered, administering)
    • take verb (takes, took, taking)
    • practice verb, American (practices, practiced, practicing)
    • utilise verb, British

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