Detailed Synonyms for call at in English

call at:

to call at verb (calls at, called at, calling at)

  1. to call at
    to pass; to visit; to come past; to seek out; to look for; to call on; to look up; to call at
    • pass verb (passes, passed, passing)
    • visit verb (visits, visited, visiting)
    • come past verb (comes past, came past, coming past)
    • seek out verb (seeks out, sought out, seeking out)
    • look for verb (looks for, looked for, looking for)
    • call on verb (calls on, called on, calling on)
    • look up verb (looks up, looked up, looking up)
    • call at verb (calls at, called at, calling at)
    to drop by
    – visit informally and spontaneously 1
    • drop by verb (drops by, dropped by, dropping by)
      • We frequently drop by the neighbors' house for a cup of coffee1
  2. to call at
    – enter a harbor 1
    to call at; out in
    – enter a harbor 1

Conjugations for call at:

  1. call at
  2. call at
  3. calls at
  4. call at
  5. call at
  6. call at
simple past
  1. called at
  2. called at
  3. called at
  4. called at
  5. called at
  6. called at
present perfect
  1. have called at
  2. have called at
  3. has called at
  4. have called at
  5. have called at
  6. have called at
past continuous
  1. was calling at
  2. were calling at
  3. was calling at
  4. were calling at
  5. were calling at
  6. were calling at
  1. shall call at
  2. will call at
  3. will call at
  4. shall call at
  5. will call at
  6. will call at
continuous present
  1. am calling at
  2. are calling at
  3. is calling at
  4. are calling at
  5. are calling at
  6. are calling at
  1. be called at
  2. be called at
  3. be called at
  4. be called at
  5. be called at
  6. be called at
  1. call at!
  2. let's call at!
  3. called at
  4. calling at
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "call at":

  1. enter a harbor1

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