Detailed Synonyms for couriers in English


couriers [the ~] noun

  1. the couriers
    the helping hands; the carriers; the couriers; the aids; the delivery-men; the messengers
  2. the couriers
    the couriers; the messengers

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courier [the ~] noun

  1. the courier
    the courier; the messenger boy
  2. the courier
    the courier; the express letter; the messenger
  3. the courier
    the courier; the carrier; the delivery-man; the messenger
  4. the courier
    the postman; the delivery-man; the courier; the mailman; the carrier
  5. the courier
    the express courier; the courier
  6. the courier
    the beadle; the courier
  7. the courier
    – a person who carries a message 1
    the courier; the messenger
    – a person who carries a message 1

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  1. a person who carries a message1