Detailed Synonyms for deceit in English


deceit [the ~] noun

  1. the deceit
    the lie
    – a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth 1
    • lie [the ~] noun
    the deceit; the deception; the falsehood; the untruth; the cheating; the fooling
  2. the deceit
    the deception; the deceit; the fraud; the cheating; the swindling; the double-cross
  3. the deceit
    the swindle; the deceit; the fraud; the con; the frauds; the deception
  4. the deceit
    the illegitimacy; the spuriousness; the deceit; the falseness; the falsity
  5. the deceit
    the cheating; the deceit; the trickery
  6. the deceit
    the deceit; the swindling
  7. the deceit
    – the act of deceiving 1
    the deception; the deceit; the dissimulation; the dissembling
    – the act of deceiving 1
  8. the deceit
    – the quality of being fraudulent 1
    the deceit; the fraudulence
    – the quality of being fraudulent 1
  9. the deceit
    – a misleading falsehood 1
    the deception; the deceit; the misrepresentation
    – a misleading falsehood 1

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  1. the act of deceiving1
  2. the quality of being fraudulent1
  3. a misleading falsehood1

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