Detailed Synonyms for fix it up in English

fix it up:

to fix it up verb (fixes it up, fixed it up, fixing it up)

  1. to fix it up
    to manage; to get done; to fix; to pull it off; to fix it up; to finish; to pull the trick
    • manage verb (manages, managed, managing)
    • get done verb (gets done, got done, getting done)
    • fix verb (fixes, fixed, fixing)
    • pull it off verb (pulls it off, pulled it off, pulling it off)
    • fix it up verb (fixes it up, fixed it up, fixing it up)
    • finish verb (finishes, finished, finishing)
    • pull the trick verb (pulls the trick, pulled the trick, pulling the trick)

Conjugations for fix it up:

  1. fix it up
  2. fix it up
  3. fixes it up
  4. fix it up
  5. fix it up
  6. fix it up
simple past
  1. fixed it up
  2. fixed it up
  3. fixed it up
  4. fixed it up
  5. fixed it up
  6. fixed it up
present perfect
  1. have fixed it up
  2. have fixed it up
  3. has fixed it up
  4. have fixed it up
  5. have fixed it up
  6. have fixed it up
past continuous
  1. was fixing it up
  2. were fixing it up
  3. was fixing it up
  4. were fixing it up
  5. were fixing it up
  6. were fixing it up
  1. shall fix it up
  2. will fix it up
  3. will fix it up
  4. shall fix it up
  5. will fix it up
  6. will fix it up
continuous present
  1. am fixing it up
  2. are fixing it up
  3. is fixing it up
  4. are fixing it up
  5. are fixing it up
  6. are fixing it up
  1. be fixed it up
  2. be fixed it up
  3. be fixed it up
  4. be fixed it up
  5. be fixed it up
  6. be fixed it up
  1. fix it up!
  2. let's fix it up!
  3. fixed it up
  4. fixing it up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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