Detailed Synonyms for hand over to in English

hand over to:

to hand over to verb (hands over to, handed over to, handing over to)

  1. to hand over to
    to provide; to dispense; to give; to deliver; to hand over to
    • provide verb (provides, provided, providing)
    • dispense verb (dispenses, dispensed, dispensing)
    • give verb (gives, gave, giving)
    • deliver verb (delivers, delivered, delivering)
    • hand over to verb (hands over to, handed over to, handing over to)
  2. to hand over to
    to deliver; to bring; to supply; to provide; to bring around; to hand over to; to furnish; to send; to ship; to send round; to give
    • deliver verb (delivers, delivered, delivering)
    • bring verb (brings, brought, bringing)
    • supply verb (supplies, supplied, supplying)
    • provide verb (provides, provided, providing)
    • bring around verb (brings around, brought around, bringing around)
    • hand over to verb (hands over to, handed over to, handing over to)
    • furnish verb (furnishes, furnished, furnishing)
    • send verb (sends, sent, sending)
    • ship verb (ships, shipped, shipping)
    • send round verb (sends round, sent round, sending round)
    • give verb (gives, gave, giving)

Conjugations for hand over to:

  1. hand over to
  2. hand over to
  3. hands over to
  4. hand over to
  5. hand over to
  6. hand over to
simple past
  1. handed over to
  2. handed over to
  3. handed over to
  4. handed over to
  5. handed over to
  6. handed over to
present perfect
  1. have handed over to
  2. have handed over to
  3. has handed over to
  4. have handed over to
  5. have handed over to
  6. have handed over to
past continuous
  1. was handing over to
  2. were handing over to
  3. was handing over to
  4. were handing over to
  5. were handing over to
  6. were handing over to
  1. shall hand over to
  2. will hand over to
  3. will hand over to
  4. shall hand over to
  5. will hand over to
  6. will hand over to
continuous present
  1. am handing over to
  2. are handing over to
  3. is handing over to
  4. are handing over to
  5. are handing over to
  6. are handing over to
  1. be handed over to
  2. be handed over to
  3. be handed over to
  4. be handed over to
  5. be handed over to
  6. be handed over to
  1. hand over to!
  2. let's hand over to!
  3. handed over to
  4. handing over to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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