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  1. have-to doe with:


Detailed Synonyms for have-to doe with in English

have-to doe with:

have-to doe with verb

  1. have-to doe with
    – be relevant to 1
    to concern; to refer; to touch; to relate; to come to; bear on; have-to doe with; pertain; touch on
    – be relevant to 1
    • concern verb (concerns, concerned, concerning)
    • refer verb (refers, referred, referring)
      • There were lots of questions referring to her talk1
    • touch verb (touches, touched, touching)
    • relate verb (relates, related, relating)
    • come to verb (comes to, came to, coming to)
    • bear on verb
    • pertain verb
      • My remark pertained to your earlier comments1
    • touch on verb

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  1. be relevant to1

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