Detailed Synonyms for keep in control in English

keep in control:

keep in control verb

  1. keep in control
    to suppress; to revoke; to withhold; to subdue; to retract; keep in control; to recant; to keep back; to pulverize; to take back; to rub fine; to crush; to pulverise
    • suppress verb (suppresss, suppressed, suppressing)
    • revoke verb (revokes, revoked, revoking)
    • withhold verb (withholds, withheld, withholding)
    • subdue verb (subdues, subdued, subdueing)
    • retract verb (retracts, retracted, retracting)
    • recant verb (recants, recanted, recanting)
    • keep back verb (keeps back, kept back, keeping back)
    • pulverize verb, American (pulverizes, pulverized, pulverizing)
    • take back verb (takes back, took back, taking back)
    • rub fine verb (rubs fine, rubbed fine, rubbing fine)
    • crush verb (crushes, crushed, crushing)
    • pulverise verb, British

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