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  1. moil:


Detailed Synonyms for moil in English


moil verb

  1. moil
    – moisten or soil 1
    – moisten or soil 1
    • moil verb
      • Her tears moiled the letter1
  2. moil
    – be agitated 1
    to churn; to boil; moil; roil
    – be agitated 1
    • churn verb (churns, churned, churning)
      • the sea was churning in the storm1
    • boil verb (boils, boiled, boiling)
    • moil verb
    • roil verb
  3. moil
    – work hard 1
    labour; to labor; to grind; to dig; to toil; to drudge; travail; fag; moil
    – work hard 1
    • labour verb, British
    • labor verb, American (labors, labored, laboring)
    • grind verb (grinds, ground, grinding)
    • dig verb (digs, dug, digging)
      • She was digging away at her math homework1
    • toil verb (toils, toiled, toiling)
    • drudge verb (drudges, drudged, drudging)
      • Lexicographers drudge all day long1
    • travail verb
    • fag verb
    • moil verb

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  1. moisten or soil1
    • Her tears moiled the letter1
  2. be agitated1
  3. work hard1

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