Detailed Synonyms for pen in in English

pen in:

to pen in verb (pens in, penned in, penning in)

  1. to pen in
    to comprise; to enclose; to surround; to contain; to include; to lock in; to close in; to seal up; to pen in
    • comprise verb (comprises, comprised, comprising)
    • enclose verb (encloses, enclosed, enclosing)
    • surround verb (surrounds, surrounded, surrounding)
    • contain verb (contains, contained, containing)
    • include verb (includes, included, including)
    • lock in verb (locks in, locked in, locking in)
    • close in verb (closes in, closed in, closing in)
    • seal up verb (seals up, sealed up, sealing up)
    • pen in verb (pens in, penned in, penning in)

Conjugations for pen in:

  1. pen in
  2. pen in
  3. pens in
  4. pen in
  5. pen in
  6. pen in
simple past
  1. penned in
  2. penned in
  3. penned in
  4. penned in
  5. penned in
  6. penned in
present perfect
  1. have penned in
  2. have penned in
  3. has penned in
  4. have penned in
  5. have penned in
  6. have penned in
past continuous
  1. was penning in
  2. were penning in
  3. was penning in
  4. were penning in
  5. were penning in
  6. were penning in
  1. shall pen in
  2. will pen in
  3. will pen in
  4. shall pen in
  5. will pen in
  6. will pen in
continuous present
  1. am penning in
  2. are penning in
  3. is penning in
  4. are penning in
  5. are penning in
  6. are penning in
  1. be penned in
  2. be penned in
  3. be penned in
  4. be penned in
  5. be penned in
  6. be penned in
  1. pen in!
  2. let's pen in!
  3. penned in
  4. penning in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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