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  1. place apart:


Detailed Synonyms for place apart in English

place apart:

to place apart verb (places apart, placed apart, placing apart)

  1. to place apart
    to put apart; to place apart
    • put apart verb (puts apart, put apart, putting apart)
    • place apart verb (places apart, placed apart, placing apart)
  2. to place apart
    to dissociate from; to separate; to isolate; to place apart
    • dissociate from verb (dissociates from, dissociated from, dissociating from)
    • separate verb (separates, separated, separating)
    • isolate verb (isolates, isolated, isolating)
    • place apart verb (places apart, placed apart, placing apart)

Conjugations for place apart:

  1. place apart
  2. place apart
  3. places apart
  4. place apart
  5. place apart
  6. place apart
simple past
  1. placed apart
  2. placed apart
  3. placed apart
  4. placed apart
  5. placed apart
  6. placed apart
present perfect
  1. have placed apart
  2. have placed apart
  3. has placed apart
  4. have placed apart
  5. have placed apart
  6. have placed apart
past continuous
  1. was placing apart
  2. were placing apart
  3. was placing apart
  4. were placing apart
  5. were placing apart
  6. were placing apart
  1. shall place apart
  2. will place apart
  3. will place apart
  4. shall place apart
  5. will place apart
  6. will place apart
continuous present
  1. am placing apart
  2. are placing apart
  3. is placing apart
  4. are placing apart
  5. are placing apart
  6. are placing apart
  1. be placed apart
  2. be placed apart
  3. be placed apart
  4. be placed apart
  5. be placed apart
  6. be placed apart
  1. place apart!
  2. let's place apart!
  3. placed apart
  4. placing apart
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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