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  1. rub smooth:


Detailed Synonyms for rub smooth in English

rub smooth:

rub smooth verb

  1. rub smooth
    to buff; to brush up; to spruce up; to doll up; to trick up; rub smooth
    • buff verb (buffs, buffed, buffing)
    • brush up verb (brushes up, brushed up, brushing up)
    • spruce up verb (spruces up, spruced up, sprucing up)
    • doll up verb (dolls up, dolled up, dolling up)
    • trick up verb (tricks up, tricked up, tricking up)
    • rub smooth verb
    to polish
    – bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state 1
    • polish verb (polishes, polished, polishing)
      • polish your social manners1

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