Detailed Synonyms for spy on in English

spy on:

to spy on verb (spies on, spied on, spying on)

  1. to spy on
    to spy on; to spy; to keep an eye out; to be on the lookout; to play the spy
    • spy on verb (spies on, spied on, spying on)
    • spy verb (spies, spied, spying)
    • keep an eye out verb (keeps an eye out, kept an eye out, keeping an eye out)
    • be on the lookout verb (is on the lookout, being on the lookout)
    • play the spy verb (plays the spy, played the spy, playing the spy)
  2. to spy on
    to spy on
    • spy on verb (spies on, spied on, spying on)

Conjugations for spy on:

  1. spy on
  2. spy on
  3. spies on
  4. spy on
  5. spy on
  6. spy on
simple past
  1. spied on
  2. spied on
  3. spied on
  4. spied on
  5. spied on
  6. spied on
present perfect
  1. have spied on
  2. have spied on
  3. has spied on
  4. have spied on
  5. have spied on
  6. have spied on
past continuous
  1. was spying on
  2. were spying on
  3. was spying on
  4. were spying on
  5. were spying on
  6. were spying on
  1. shall spy on
  2. will spy on
  3. will spy on
  4. shall spy on
  5. will spy on
  6. will spy on
continuous present
  1. am spying on
  2. are spying on
  3. is spying on
  4. are spying on
  5. are spying on
  6. are spying on
  1. be spied on
  2. be spied on
  3. be spied on
  4. be spied on
  5. be spied on
  6. be spied on
  1. spy on!
  2. let's spy on!
  3. spied on
  4. spying on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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