Detailed Synonyms for squabble in English


squabble [the ~] noun

  1. the squabble
    the quarrel; the wrangle; the squabble
  2. the squabble
    the argument; the battle of words; the disputation; the quarrel; the disagreement; the verbal sword-play; the dispute; the squabble; the verbal duel; the debate; the verbal dispute
  3. the squabble
    – a quarrel about petty points 1
    the fuss; the spat; the squabble; the bicker; the bickering; the pettifoggery; the tiff
    – a quarrel about petty points 1

squabble verb

  1. squabble
    squabble; to bicker
  2. squabble
    – argue over petty things 1
    squabble; to bicker; to quibble; to niggle; pettifog; brabble
    – argue over petty things 1


  1. squabble

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  1. a quarrel about petty points1
  2. argue over petty things1