Detailed Synonyms for topple over in English

topple over:

to topple over verb (topples over, toppled over, toppling over)

  1. to topple over
    to slip; to topple over; to postpone; to fall over; to trip; to delay; to fall flat
    • slip verb (slips, slipped, slipping)
    • topple over verb (topples over, toppled over, toppling over)
    • postpone verb (postpones, postponed, postponing)
    • fall over verb (falls over, fell over, falling over)
    • trip verb (trips, tripped, tripping)
    • delay verb (delaies, delayed, delaying)
    • fall flat verb (falls flat, fell flat, falling flat)
  2. to topple over
    to knock over; to topple over; to tip over
    • knock over verb (knocks over, knocked over, knocking over)
    • topple over verb (topples over, toppled over, toppling over)
    • tip over verb (tips over, tipped over, tipping over)

Conjugations for topple over:

  1. topple over
  2. topple over
  3. topples over
  4. topple over
  5. topple over
  6. topple over
simple past
  1. toppled over
  2. toppled over
  3. toppled over
  4. toppled over
  5. toppled over
  6. toppled over
present perfect
  1. have toppled over
  2. have toppled over
  3. has toppled over
  4. have toppled over
  5. have toppled over
  6. have toppled over
past continuous
  1. was toppling over
  2. were toppling over
  3. was toppling over
  4. were toppling over
  5. were toppling over
  6. were toppling over
  1. shall topple over
  2. will topple over
  3. will topple over
  4. shall topple over
  5. will topple over
  6. will topple over
continuous present
  1. am toppling over
  2. are toppling over
  3. is toppling over
  4. are toppling over
  5. are toppling over
  6. are toppling over
  1. be toppled over
  2. be toppled over
  3. be toppled over
  4. be toppled over
  5. be toppled over
  6. be toppled over
  1. topple over!
  2. let's topple over!
  3. toppled over
  4. toppling over
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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