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  1. usher in:


Detailed Synonyms for usher in in English

usher in:

to usher in verb (ushers in, ushered in, ushering in)

  1. to usher in
    to show in; to usher in; to lead in
    • show in verb (shows in, showed in, showing in)
    • usher in verb (ushers in, ushered in, ushering in)
    • lead in verb (leads in, led in, leading in)
  2. to usher in
    – be a precursor of 1
    to introduce; to inaugurate; to usher in
    – be a precursor of 1
    • introduce verb (introduces, introduced, introducing)
    • inaugurate verb (inaugurates, inaugurated, inaugurating)
    • usher in verb (ushers in, ushered in, ushering in)

Conjugations for usher in:

  1. usher in
  2. usher in
  3. ushers in
  4. usher in
  5. usher in
  6. usher in
simple past
  1. ushered in
  2. ushered in
  3. ushered in
  4. ushered in
  5. ushered in
  6. ushered in
present perfect
  1. have ushered in
  2. have ushered in
  3. has ushered in
  4. have ushered in
  5. have ushered in
  6. have ushered in
past continuous
  1. was ushering in
  2. were ushering in
  3. was ushering in
  4. were ushering in
  5. were ushering in
  6. were ushering in
  1. shall usher in
  2. will usher in
  3. will usher in
  4. shall usher in
  5. will usher in
  6. will usher in
continuous present
  1. am ushering in
  2. are ushering in
  3. is ushering in
  4. are ushering in
  5. are ushering in
  6. are ushering in
  1. be ushered in
  2. be ushered in
  3. be ushered in
  4. be ushered in
  5. be ushered in
  6. be ushered in
  1. usher in!
  2. let's usher in!
  3. ushered in
  4. ushering in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "usher in":

  1. be a precursor of1

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