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Detailed Translations for dilatation from English to Spanish


dilatation [the ~] noun

  1. the dilatation (disclosure; opening)
    la dilatación; la apertura
  2. the dilatation (widen; increase; enlargement; opening up)
    la dilatación; la ampliación; el agrandamiento

Translation Matrix for dilatation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agrandamiento dilatation; enlargement; increase; opening up; widen blow-up; enlargement; growth; magnification; tumor; tumour
ampliación dilatation; enlargement; increase; opening up; widen addition; annex; blow-up; enlargement; expansion; extension; growth; increase; increase in scale; magnification; scale up; tumor; tumour
apertura dilatation; disclosure; opening candor; candour; detachment; frankness; hamlet; honesty; integrity; open-heartedness; opening; probity; shorts; supporting program; supporting programme; uprightness
dilatación dilatation; disclosure; enlargement; increase; opening; opening up; widen arising; emerging; expanding; expulsion; growing; increasing; rising; swelling
- dilation; distension; distention
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- expansion

Synonyms for "dilatation":

Related Definitions for "dilatation":

  1. the act of expanding an aperture1
  2. the state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions1

Wiktionary Translations for dilatation:

  1. act of dilating; dilation
  2. dilation of a canal or other organ

Cross Translation:
dilatation prolongación; alargamiento Dehnung — das Dehnen:
dilatation dilatación dilatatie — verwijding

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