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Detailed Translations for shave from English to Spanish


to shave verb (shaves, shaved, shaving)

  1. to shave (shear; trim; clip)

Conjugations for shave:

  1. shave
  2. shave
  3. shaves
  4. shave
  5. shave
  6. shave
simple past
  1. shaved
  2. shaved
  3. shaved
  4. shaved
  5. shaved
  6. shaved
present perfect
  1. have shaved
  2. have shaved
  3. has shaved
  4. have shaved
  5. have shaved
  6. have shaved
past continuous
  1. was shaving
  2. were shaving
  3. was shaving
  4. were shaving
  5. were shaving
  6. were shaving
  1. shall shave
  2. will shave
  3. will shave
  4. shall shave
  5. will shave
  6. will shave
continuous present
  1. am shaving
  2. are shaving
  3. is shaving
  4. are shaving
  5. are shaving
  6. are shaving
  1. be shaved
  2. be shaved
  3. be shaved
  4. be shaved
  5. be shaved
  6. be shaved
  1. shave!
  2. let's shave!
  3. shaved
  4. shaving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for shave:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acortar abbreviating; abridging
- shaving
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acortar clip; shave; shear; trim abridge; clip; crop; curtail; cut down; cut short; shorten; trim
afeitar clip; shave; shear; trim clip; cut; cut close; pare; skim; trim
- knock off; plane; trim

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Synonyms for "shave":

Related Definitions for "shave":

  1. the act of removing hair with a razor1
  2. remove body hair with a razor1
  3. touch the surface of lightly1
    • His back shaved the counter in passing1
  4. cut closely1
  5. make shavings of or reduce to shavings1
    • shave the radish1
  6. cut or remove with or as if with a plane1
    • The machine shaved off fine layers from the piece of wood1
  7. cut the price of1

Wiktionary Translations for shave:

  1. to remove hair from
  2. to remove hair from one's face
  1. an instance of shaving

Cross Translation:
shave afeitarse scheren — zich de baard kort afsnijden
shave rasurar; afeitar scheren — met een schaar of mes de huid van haar ontdoen
shave afeitado Rasur — teilweise oder vollständige Entfernung der Körperbehaarung (vor allem des Bartes) durch rasieren
shave afeitar rasieren — sich oder jemand anderem die Haare oder Barthaare abschneiden

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