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Detailed Translations for accelerate from English to Spanish


to accelerate verb (accelerates, accelerated, accelerating)

  1. to accelerate (speed up; quicken; hasten)
  2. to accelerate

Conjugations for accelerate:

  1. accelerate
  2. accelerate
  3. accelerates
  4. accelerate
  5. accelerate
  6. accelerate
simple past
  1. accelerated
  2. accelerated
  3. accelerated
  4. accelerated
  5. accelerated
  6. accelerated
present perfect
  1. have accelerated
  2. have accelerated
  3. has accelerated
  4. have accelerated
  5. have accelerated
  6. have accelerated
past continuous
  1. was accelerating
  2. were accelerating
  3. was accelerating
  4. were accelerating
  5. were accelerating
  6. were accelerating
  1. shall accelerate
  2. will accelerate
  3. will accelerate
  4. shall accelerate
  5. will accelerate
  6. will accelerate
continuous present
  1. am accelerating
  2. are accelerating
  3. is accelerating
  4. are accelerating
  5. are accelerating
  6. are accelerating
  1. be accelerated
  2. be accelerated
  3. be accelerated
  4. be accelerated
  5. be accelerated
  6. be accelerated
  1. accelerate!
  2. let's accelerate!
  3. accelerated
  4. accelerating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for accelerate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acelerar accelerate drive; goad; irritate; nettle; race; run; spout; sprint; spurt; stimulate; whip up
agilizar accelerate; hasten; quicken; speed up liberalise; liberalize
apresurar accelerate bait; blow the fire; boost; chase; encourage; fan a flame; hasten; hurry; hurry up; hustle; incite; instigate; make haste; motivate; push on; rouse; rush; stimulate; stir up; storm; stress; urge on
levantar de automóvil accelerate
- quicken; speed; speed up

Related Words for "accelerate":

Synonyms for "accelerate":

Antonyms for "accelerate":

  • decelerate

Related Definitions for "accelerate":

  1. move faster1
    • The car accelerated1
  2. cause to move faster1
    • He accelerated the car1

Wiktionary Translations for accelerate:

  1. to become faster
  2. to hasten
  3. to quicken natural or ordinary progression or process
  4. to cause to move faster

Cross Translation:
accelerate adelantar vooruitzetten — naar voren zetten
accelerate aligerar; apresurar; adelantar; acelerar versnellen — een grotere snelheid (doen) bereiken
accelerate adelantar; apresurar; acelerar accelereren — (overgankelijk) versnellen
accelerate acelerar accélérerrendre plus rapide.
accelerate acelerar; activar; adelantar; apresurar hâter — Faire avancer vite, accélérer.
accelerate urgir; apremiar; apretar; presionar; insistir; acelerar; activar; adelantar; apresurar presserexercer une pression, serrer plus ou moins fort.
accelerate acelerar; activar; adelantar; apresurar précipiterjeter, faire tomber d’un lieu élevé.