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  1. allow in:


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allow in:

Translation Matrix for allow in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abrir la puerta allow in; lead in; let in; open to; show in
abrirle a allow in; lead in; let in; open to; show in
admitir allow in; let in accept; acknowledge; admit; allocate; allot; allow; approve; assent to; assign; authorise; authorize; award; bestow on; comply with; confer; confess; confirm; endorse; give; grant; hand to; honor; honour; let in; pay; pay off; permit; remunerate; repay; reward; say for; tolerate
dejar pasar allow in; let in admit; let in; let lie; let pass
- admit; intromit; let in

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  1. allow to enter; grant entry to1

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