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Detailed Translations for apparel from English to Spanish


apparel [the ~] noun

  1. the apparel (dress; clothes; wearing apparel)
    – clothing in general 1
    la ropa

Translation Matrix for apparel:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ropa apparel; clothes; dress; wearing apparel attire; cloakroom; clothes; clothing; costume; equipment; folkloric costume; garb; garments; gear; kit; outfit; regional attire; regional costume; regional dress; things; togs; wardrobe; washing

Synonyms for "apparel":

Antonyms for "apparel":

Related Definitions for "apparel":

  1. clothing in general1
    • she was refined in her choice of apparel1

Wiktionary Translations for apparel:

  1. clothing

Cross Translation:
apparel prenda de vestir vêtement — Objet de tissu, ... couvrant le corps, utilisé pour se protéger, se parer ou respecter les conventions sociales.

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