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Detailed Translations for arousal from English to Spanish


arousal [the ~] noun

  1. the arousal (sexual arousal; excitement; physical arousal; libido; sexual excitement)
    la excitación; la calentura
  2. the arousal (agitation)
    el apresuramiento; la agitación

Translation Matrix for arousal:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agitación agitation; arousal ado; agitation; argy-bargy; bustle; clamor; clamour; commotion; disturbance; fisticuffs; flow; fuss; highly strung; hubble-bubble; hubbub; hullabaloo; hurrying; hustle; hustle and bustle; incitement to; influx; instigation to; jittery; nervousness; noise; oscillation; pandemonium; racket; rebellion; revolt; riot; rush; sea; sensation; shake up; song and dance; spin; spinning dive; squabbling; squash; stampede; stir; stress; swell; swinging; to-do; trouble; tumult; tumultuousness; turbulence; turmoil; unrest; upheaval
apresuramiento agitation; arousal accelerating; haste; hastening; hastiness; hurry; overhaste; precipitation; quickness; rapidity; rush; speeding up; tempo; urgency
calentura arousal; excitement; libido; physical arousal; sexual arousal; sexual excitement feverishness; hecticness; horniness; lewdness; randiness; the hots
excitación arousal; excitement; libido; physical arousal; sexual arousal; sexual excitement highly strung; horniness; jittery; lewdness; nervousness; randiness; sensory perception; the hots
- foreplay; rousing; stimulation

Synonyms for "arousal":

  • rousing; change of state
  • physiological state; physiological condition
  • wakefulness
  • foreplay; stimulation; sexual activity; sexual practice; sex; sex activity

Related Definitions for "arousal":

  1. the act of arousing1
    • the purpose of art is the arousal of emotions1
  2. mutual sexual fondling prior to sexual intercourse1
  3. awakening from sleep1
  4. a state of heightened physiological activity1

Wiktionary Translations for arousal:

  1. sexual arousal

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