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Detailed Translations for baggage from English to Spanish


baggage [the ~] noun

  1. the baggage (luggage)
    el bagaje; el equipaje
  2. the baggage (luggage; pack)
    la carga

Translation Matrix for baggage:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bagaje baggage; luggage
carga baggage; luggage; pack argy-bargy; burden; cargo; cartload; commotion; embarkation; enshipment; entraining; freight; fuss; haul; hubble-bubble; load; loading; payload; shipment; squabbling; stir; upload; weight
equipaje baggage; luggage
- luggage

Synonyms for "baggage":

Related Definitions for "baggage":

  1. cases used to carry belongings when traveling1
  2. the portable equipment and supplies of an army1
  3. a worthless or immoral woman1

Wiktionary Translations for baggage:

  1. luggage

Cross Translation:
baggage mujerzuela; zorra Menschbairisch, fränkisch, hohenlohisch, österreichisch und sächsisch, oft abwertend für: junge Frau, Magd oder Jungfrau
baggage bagaje TrossMilitär (veraltet): unterstützende Versorgungs- und Transporteinheit für die militärische Truppe
baggage equipaje bagage — désuet|fr équipage de voyage ou de guerre.
baggage equipaje; equipajes colis — logistique|fr caisse, ballot, paquet de marchandises expédier.

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