Detailed Translations for bitch from English to Spanish


bitch [the ~] noun

  1. the bitch
    la arpía; el marimacho
  2. the bitch
    la perra
  3. the bitch (slut; trollop; sloven)
    la mujerzuela; la puta; la zorra; la golfa
  4. the bitch (viper; treacherous girl; serpent; snake)
    la mala bestia; la bruja
  5. the bitch (witch; tart)
    la arpía; la nena; la bruja pesada; la bruja; la hembra; la leona
  6. the bitch (bad-tempered bastard; mean-tempered bastard)

Translation Matrix for bitch:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arpía bitch; tart; witch badge; flag; forceps; nippers; pin; pincers; witch
boca de escorpión bad-tempered bastard; bitch; mean-tempered bastard
bruja bitch; serpent; snake; tart; treacherous girl; viper; witch badge; daemon; demon; flag; forceps; nippers; pin; pincers; she devil; sorceress; witch; wizard
bruja pesada bitch; tart; witch
golfa bitch; sloven; slut; trollop hussy; slut
hembra bitch; tart; witch female; wife; woman
leona bitch; tart; witch lioness
mala bestia bitch; serpent; snake; treacherous girl; viper asshole; cur; nasty piece of work; rascal; rogue; rotter; scoundrel; screw; skunk; sly dog; stinker; wretch; wretched fellow
marimacho bitch battle-axe; mannish woman; virago
mujerzuela bitch; sloven; slut; trollop cow; moo; old cow
nena bitch; tart; witch baby; bint; bird; chick; child; doll; infant; kid; kiddy; little child; little girl; little kid; nipper; small child; small one; tart; tike; tiny tot; toddler; tot; tyke
perra bitch tart
puta bitch; sloven; slut; trollop cow; light woman; moo; old cow; prostitute; strumpet; tart; whore
zorra bitch; sloven; slut; trollop cunning person; dodger; fox; hussy; prostitute; slut; strumpet; vixen; whore
- beef; cunt; gripe; kick; squawk
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- backbite; beef; bellyache; crab; gripe; grouse; holler; squawk
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- cow; vixen

Related Words for "bitch":

  • bitches

Related Definitions for "bitch":

  1. female of any member of the dog family1
  2. informal terms for objecting1
  3. a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked1
    • she said her son thought Hillary was a bitch1
  4. an unpleasant difficulty1
    • this problem is a real bitch1
  5. say mean things1
  6. complain1

Wiktionary Translations for bitch:

  1. complain (about something) spitefully
  1. difficult or confounding problem
  2. disagreeable, aggressive person, usually female
  3. female canine

Cross Translation:
bitch coño Fotze — ein vulgäres Schimpfwort für eine Frau
bitch puta; ramera; fulana; mujer fácil; zorra; mujer de la calle; mujer pública; prostituta; golfa; gata Hureabwertend: eine Frau, die für Geld sexuelle Handlungen vornimmt; Prostituierte
bitch perra Hündin — weiblicher Hund
bitch refunfuñar; quejarse meckern — sich (oft) gehässig, aber nicht aggressiv beschweren; etwas bekritteln
bitch perra chiennasse — (vulgaire) injur|fr femme dont la tenue ou les manières laissent supputer un grand appétit sexuel et une certaine permissivité.
bitch perra chienne — Femelle du chien
bitch zorra chienne — Femme au fort appétit sexuel
bitch perra; zorra; ramera; arpía garce — Fille ou femme rancunière
bitch zorra; ramera; piruja; perra putain — Femme de mauvaises mœurs
bitch puta pute — Femme de mauvaise vie ou prête à tout pour réussir

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