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Detailed Translations for brutalize from English to Spanish


to brutalize verb, American (brutalizes, brutalized, brutalizing)

  1. to brutalize (brutalise)
  2. to brutalize (snub; brutalise)

Conjugations for brutalize:

  1. brutalize
  2. brutalize
  3. brutalizes
  4. brutalize
  5. brutalize
  6. brutalize
simple past
  1. brutalized
  2. brutalized
  3. brutalized
  4. brutalized
  5. brutalized
  6. brutalized
present perfect
  1. have brutalized
  2. have brutalized
  3. has brutalized
  4. have brutalized
  5. have brutalized
  6. have brutalized
past continuous
  1. was brutalizing
  2. were brutalizing
  3. was brutalizing
  4. were brutalizing
  5. were brutalizing
  6. were brutalizing
  1. shall brutalize
  2. will brutalize
  3. will brutalize
  4. shall brutalize
  5. will brutalize
  6. will brutalize
continuous present
  1. am brutalizing
  2. are brutalizing
  3. is brutalizing
  4. are brutalizing
  5. are brutalizing
  6. are brutalizing
  1. be brutalized
  2. be brutalized
  3. be brutalized
  4. be brutalized
  5. be brutalized
  6. be brutalized
  1. brutalize!
  2. let's brutalize!
  3. brutalized
  4. brutalizing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for brutalize:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
amargar brutalise; brutalize embitter; make bitter; sour; spoil; turn
amargar la vida brutalise; brutalize
brutalizar brutalise; brutalize
chocar brutalise; brutalize; snub bang into; brush off; bump into; bump into each other; bump up against; clang; clink; collide; come forward with; cough up; crash; defamate; dig; drive to pieces; jab; jangle; jingle; knock together; poke; prod; rattling; slander; snub; strike together; tinkle; tinkle away; turn out
- animalise; animalize; brutalise
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- brutalise

Related Words for "brutalize":

  • brutalizing

Synonyms for "brutalize":

Related Definitions for "brutalize":

  1. become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling1
  2. make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman1
    • Life in the camps had brutalized him1
  3. treat brutally1

Wiktionary Translations for brutalize:

Cross Translation:
brutalize brutalizar brutaliseren — met grofheid of geweld bejegenen