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Detailed Translations for burdensome from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for burdensome:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pesado asshole; bore; creep; duffer; handful; mope; moper; nasty piece of work; nuisance; pain in the ass; pain in the neck; pest; rotter; scoundrel; troublemaker; wet; wet blanket; wretch; wretched fellow
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- onerous; taxing
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acuciante burdensome; galling; heavy; irksome emphatic; explicit; pressing; stringent; urgent; with emphasis
agudo burdensome; galling; heavy; irksome able; acute; adroit; astute; biting; brainy; bright; brilliant; capable; careful; clever; closely; crafty; dexterous; dire; embittered; exasperated; expert; fierce; grinding; handy; heavy; ingenious; intelligent; intense; jagged; keen; keen-edged; knowledgable; neat; nimble; penetrating; perky; piercing; proficient; rasping; razor-sharp; resourceful; sagacious; sensible; sharp; sharp-minded; sharply; sharpwitted; shrewd; shrill; skilful; skillful; sly; smart; vehement; violent; wily; wise
complicado awkward; burdensome; difficult; hard; heavy; massive; stiff; tough annoying; awkward; complex; complicated; critical; delicate; difficult; hard; ill-timed; incompetent; inconvenient; intricate; involved; painful; perilous; precarious; review; touchy; unfit; unsuitable; worrisome; wrapped in
de peso burdensome; heavy; oppressing; oppressive heavily built; heavyset; massive; obese; stout
difícil awkward; burdensome; difficult; hard; heavy; massive; stiff; tough aggravating; annoying; awkward; critical; delicate; difficult; exacting; hard; ill-timed; incompetent; inconvenient; incriminating; painful; perilous; perplexing; precarious; problematic; puzzling; review; stiff; stiff conversation; strenuous; touchy; tough; tricky; trying; unfit; unsuitable; worrisome
duro awkward; burdensome; difficult; hard; heavy; massive; stiff; tough against the grain; agressive; aloud; blunt; callous; cruel; dispassionate; dizy; emotionless; hard; hard-handed; hard-hearted; harsh; headstrong; heartless; immovable; impassive; indifferent; inflexible; insensitive; merciless; obstinate; offensive; out loud; penetrating; persisting; piercing; pig-headed; pitiless; plain; rasping; recalcitrant; relentless; rigid; rough; ruthless; shrill; soulless; star; stern; stiff; straight; straight-backed; stubborn; tenacious; tough; unbending; uncaring; unfeeling; violent; weak
penetrante burdensome; galling; heavy; irksome biting; cutting; insistent; intrusive; obtrusive; penetrating; piercing; rasping; razor-sharp; sharp; shrill; stinging
pesado burdensome; heavy; oppressing; oppressive aggravating; annoying; boring; chubby; complaining; corny; dawdling; deadly dull; drab; dragging; dreadful; dreary; driven; drooping; dull; energetic; exasperating; filling; formidable; heavy; inactive; incriminating; indolent; inert; irritating; lamenting; languid; lazy; limp; lingering; listless; mighty; obese; passive; plaintive; plump; powerful; rich; shuffling; slow; slow of understanding; sluggish; squat; stout; tardy; tiresome; tough; tremendous; tricky; wailing; woeful; wretched

Synonyms for "burdensome":

Related Definitions for "burdensome":

  1. not easily borne; wearing1
    • the burdensome task of preparing the income tax return1

Wiktionary Translations for burdensome:

  1. of or like a burden; arduous or demanding