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Detailed Translations for butchery from English to Spanish


butchery [the ~] noun

  1. the butchery (butcher's; butcher's shop)
    la carnicería
  2. the butchery (slaughter; kill)
    la masacre; la carnicería; la matanza de reses

Translation Matrix for butchery:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
carnicería butcher's; butcher's shop; butchery; kill; slaughter bloodbath; killing off; massacre; meat industry; meat trade; slaughter; slaughtering
masacre butchery; kill; slaughter bloodbath; massacre; slaughter
matanza de reses butchery; kill; slaughter
- abattoir; butchering; carnage; mass murder; massacre; shambles; slaughter; slaughterhouse

Related Words for "butchery":

  • butcheries

Synonyms for "butchery":

Related Definitions for "butchery":

  1. the savage and excessive killing of many people1
  2. the business of a butcher1
  3. a building where animals are butchered1

Wiktionary Translations for butchery:

Cross Translation:
butchery carnicería boucherie — (vieilli) endroit pour abattre les bêtes dont la chair doit être vendre.

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