Detailed Translations for buttress from English to Spanish


buttress [the ~] noun

  1. the buttress (supporting beam; joist)
    el trabón; la viga; la viga transversal; la viga maestra
  2. the buttress (support)
    el soporte; el respaldo; el socorro; la manutención; el sostén; el puntal
  3. the buttress (support)
    el sostén; el contrafuerte; el apyo
  4. the buttress
    el contrafuerte
  5. the buttress (supporting beam; joist; support; prop)
    la viga; el puntal; la viga maestra

Translation Matrix for buttress:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apyo buttress; support broad man; giant
contrafuerte buttress; support
manutención buttress; support aid; assistance; chat; eatables; edibles; food; gossip; help; interview; provisions; rumor; rumour; support; talk; victuals
puntal buttress; joist; prop; support; supporting beam prop; shore; support
respaldo buttress; support aid; assistance; back support; backing; help; prop; rest; shore; support; unemployment benefit
socorro buttress; support aid; alleviation; assistance; assuagement; benefit; dole; help; prop; provision of services; relief; services; shore; social assistance; social security; support; unemployment benefit; welfare
soporte buttress; support aid; assistance; bogie; chassis; dole; help; landing gear; prop; shore; social assistance; standard; support; tripod; undercarriage; unemployment benefit; welfare
sostén buttress; support aid; anchor; assistance; back support; bra; crutch; help; mainstay; outlet; support
trabón buttress; joist; supporting beam
viga buttress; joist; prop; support; supporting beam beam; crossbeam; rafter; roofbeam; supporting-beam
viga maestra buttress; joist; prop; support; supporting beam
viga transversal buttress; joist; supporting beam bar; beam; collar beam; cross-beam
- buttressing
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- mainstay; pillar

Related Words for "buttress":

  • buttresses

Synonyms for "buttress":

Related Definitions for "buttress":

  1. a support usually of stone or brick; supports the wall of a building1
  2. make stronger or defensible1
    • buttress your thesis1
  3. reinforce with a buttress1

Wiktionary Translations for buttress:

  1. support something or someone by supplying evidence
  2. support something physically with, or as if with, a buttress
  1. brick or stone structure built against another structure to support it

Cross Translation:
buttress arrimar; apoyar accoterappuyer d’un côté pour soutenir.
buttress apoyo; respaldo appui — Ce qui sert à soutenir une chose ou une personne pour l’empêcher de tomber, de chanceler, etc.
buttress apoyar; empujar; sostener; amparar appuyerplacer contre quelque chose.
buttress contrafuerte; estribo; pilastra; tope contrefort — Mur servant d’appui à un autre