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Detailed Translations for chamber from English to Spanish


chamber [the ~] noun

  1. the chamber (room)
    el cuarto
  2. the chamber (hall; room)
    el cuarto; la sala; el salón

Translation Matrix for chamber:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cuarto chamber; hall; room fourth; quarter; quarto
sala chamber; hall; room balcony; bar; breakout room; café; coffeeshop; inn; porch; pub; public house; room; tavern; veranda
salón chamber; hall; room dayroom; drawing-room; foyer; reception room; reception-room; salon; state-room; suite; waiting-room
- bedchamber; bedroom; sleeping accommodation; sleeping room
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cuarto fourth
- lock chamber; sluice chamber

Related Words for "chamber":

Synonyms for "chamber":

Related Definitions for "chamber":

  1. a room used primarily for sleeping1
  2. a natural or artificial enclosed space1
  3. a room where a judge transacts business1
  4. an enclosed volume in the body1
    • the chambers of his heart were healthy1
  5. a deliberative or legislative or administrative or judicial assembly1
    • the upper chamber is the senate1
  6. place in a chamber1

Wiktionary Translations for chamber:

  1. legislative body
  2. -
  3. part of a firearm holding the round before firing
  4. enclosed space
  5. bedroom

Cross Translation:
chamber habitación; cuarto; cámara vertrek — een afgesloten deel van een woning
chamber localidad; sitio; habitación; cuarto; cámara lokaal — een ruim vertrek dat voor een bepaald doel gebruikt wordt
chamber habitación; cuarto kamer — deel van een huis
chamber recámara KammerRaum oder Zimmer, das einen bestimmten Zweck erfüllt
chamber cámara chambre — Assemblée législative
chamber cámara chambre — Certaines assemblées qui s’occupent d’intérêts spéciaux
chamber obra; parche; acta; certificado; acto; trozo; parte piècepartie, portion, morceau d’un tout.
chamber cuarto; habitación; cámara; aula sallepièce d’un bâtiment.

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