Detailed Translations for chuckle from English to Spanish


to chuckle verb (chuckles, chuckled, chuckling)

  1. to chuckle (laugh; roar with laughter)
    reír; reírse
  2. to chuckle (smile)
  3. to chuckle (snigger; snicker; chortle)
  4. to chuckle (gloat)
  5. to chuckle (snicker; smile coyly)
  6. to chuckle (titter)
  7. to chuckle (smile coyly; snigger; titter)

Conjugations for chuckle:

  1. chuckle
  2. chuckle
  3. chuckles
  4. chuckle
  5. chuckle
  6. chuckle
simple past
  1. chuckled
  2. chuckled
  3. chuckled
  4. chuckled
  5. chuckled
  6. chuckled
present perfect
  1. have chuckled
  2. have chuckled
  3. has chuckled
  4. have chuckled
  5. have chuckled
  6. have chuckled
past continuous
  1. was chuckling
  2. were chuckling
  3. was chuckling
  4. were chuckling
  5. were chuckling
  6. were chuckling
  1. shall chuckle
  2. will chuckle
  3. will chuckle
  4. shall chuckle
  5. will chuckle
  6. will chuckle
continuous present
  1. am chuckling
  2. are chuckling
  3. is chuckling
  4. are chuckling
  5. are chuckling
  6. are chuckling
  1. be chuckled
  2. be chuckled
  3. be chuckled
  4. be chuckled
  5. be chuckled
  6. be chuckled
  1. chuckle!
  2. let's chuckle!
  3. chuckled
  4. chuckling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

chuckle [the ~] noun

  1. the chuckle (snigger; grinning; chuckling; chortle)

Translation Matrix for chuckle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
reírse grinning at
risa entre dientes chortle; chuckle; chuckling; grinning; snigger
- chortle
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hacer muecas a chortle; chuckle; snicker; snigger smirk
reír chuckle; laugh; roar with laughter
reír burlonamente chuckle; gloat; smile coyly; snicker; snigger; titter
reírse chuckle; laugh; roar with laughter
reírse burlonamente chuckle; gloat
reírse disimuladamente chuckle; gloat; smile coyly; snicker; titter
reírse entre dientes chortle; chuckle; smile; smile coyly; snicker; snigger
reírse para sus adentros chortle; chuckle; gloat; smile coyly; snicker; snigger; titter
reírse por lo bajo chortle; chuckle; gloat; smile; smile coyly; snicker; snigger; titter
reírse tontamente chuckle; gloat giggle
sonreír chuckle; smile grin at
sonreír maliciosamente chuckle; gloat; smile coyly; snicker; titter
- chortle; laugh softly

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Synonyms for "chuckle":

Related Definitions for "chuckle":

  1. a soft partly suppressed laugh1
  2. laugh quietly or with restraint1

Wiktionary Translations for chuckle:

  1. sounds made by chicken
  2. laugh quietly or inwardly

Cross Translation:
chuckle borbotar; borbotear glucksenintransitiv, beim Lachen: unterdrückte, dunkel klingende Laute stoßweise von sich geben