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Detailed Translations for come together from English to Spanish

come together:

to come together verb (comes together, came together, coming together)

  1. to come together (meet; assemble; gather)
  2. to come together (enjoin; join)

Conjugations for come together:

  1. come together
  2. come together
  3. comes together
  4. come together
  5. come together
  6. come together
simple past
  1. came together
  2. came together
  3. came together
  4. came together
  5. came together
  6. came together
present perfect
  1. have come together
  2. have come together
  3. has come together
  4. have come together
  5. have come together
  6. have come together
past continuous
  1. was coming together
  2. were coming together
  3. was coming together
  4. were coming together
  5. were coming together
  6. were coming together
  1. shall come together
  2. will come together
  3. will come together
  4. shall come together
  5. will come together
  6. will come together
continuous present
  1. am coming together
  2. are coming together
  3. is coming together
  4. are coming together
  5. are coming together
  6. are coming together
  1. be come together
  2. be come together
  3. be come together
  4. be come together
  5. be come together
  6. be come together
  1. come together!
  2. let's come together!
  3. come together
  4. coming together
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for come together:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
reunirse assemble; forgather
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
confluir come together; enjoin; join flock together; fuse; fuze; merge; unite
converger come together; enjoin; join
encontrarse come together; enjoin; join assemble; be; be situated; be somewhere; come across; discover; dwell; find; forgather; get together; hang out; learn; lie; meet; meet each other; reside; see each other; to gather; visit
juntarse come together; enjoin; join assemble; flock together; forgather; get together; meet; meet each other; range; see each other; to gather; unite; visit
reunirse assemble; come together; enjoin; gather; join; meet assemble; forgather; get together; have a conference; have a meeting; hold session; meet; meet each other; see each other; to gather; visit
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Synonyms for "come together":

Related Definitions for "come together":

  1. come together, as if in an embrace1

Wiktionary Translations for come together:

come together
  1. to assemble, congregate

Cross Translation:
come together reunirse verzamelen — bijeenkomen

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