Detailed Translations for crib from English to Spanish


to crib verb (cribs, cribbed, cribbing)

  1. to crib
  2. to crib (copy)

Conjugations for crib:

  1. crib
  2. crib
  3. cribs
  4. crib
  5. crib
  6. crib
simple past
  1. cribbed
  2. cribbed
  3. cribbed
  4. cribbed
  5. cribbed
  6. cribbed
present perfect
  1. have cribbed
  2. have cribbed
  3. has cribbed
  4. have cribbed
  5. have cribbed
  6. have cribbed
past continuous
  1. was cribbing
  2. were cribbing
  3. was cribbing
  4. were cribbing
  5. were cribbing
  6. were cribbing
  1. shall crib
  2. will crib
  3. will crib
  4. shall crib
  5. will crib
  6. will crib
continuous present
  1. am cribbing
  2. are cribbing
  3. is cribbing
  4. are cribbing
  5. are cribbing
  6. are cribbing
  1. be cribbed
  2. be cribbed
  3. be cribbed
  4. be cribbed
  5. be cribbed
  6. be cribbed
  1. crib!
  2. let's crib!
  3. cribbed
  4. cribbing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

crib [the ~] noun

  1. the crib (nativity scene)
    el pesebre; el belén
  2. the crib
    la cuna; el pesebre; la camita; el moisés; la cama de niño; el lecho de parto
  3. the crib
    el pequeño belén; el pesebrito
  4. the crib (sleeping place for babies; cradle; cot)
    la cuna

Translation Matrix for crib:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
belén crib; nativity scene
cama de niño crib child's bedstead
camita crib child's bedstead; little bedstead
copiar copying; cribbing; tracing
cuna cot; cradle; crib; sleeping place for babies birthplace; house of one's birth; origin; place of birth; roots; source
lecho de parto crib childbed
moisés crib
parar living; remaining
pequeño belén crib
pesebre crib; nativity scene feed box; feeder; feeding ground; feeding-trough; food-trough; manger; trough
pesebrito crib
terminar completing; finish; finish talking; finishing; settling a matter
- cot; cribbage; pony; trot
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abandonar crib abandon; cease; declare; depart; depart from; desert; die; dismiss; drop; drop out; enlist; enrol; enroll; expire; get undone; give; give up; grease; leave; leave for; pass away; pull out; quit; register; retire; rub in; sail; secede from; set out; smear; start; stop; subscribe; take off; travel; unpick; untie; withdraw
copiar copy; crib copy; counterfeit; draw from a model; falsify; forge; imitate; impress; make a copy of; press; take off; trace
hacer huelga crib go on strike; strike
parar crib abandon; avert; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; bring to an end; cease; conclude; cross; drop out; end; field; finish; finish off; foil; force something to stop; give up; halt; hinder; hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out; oppose; parry; prevent; pull out; put out; put to a stop; quit; sabotage; set out; sojourn; sojourn somewhere; stem; stop; stopping; thwart; turn off; upset; ward off
ponerse en huelga crib go on strike; strike
terminar crib abandon; accomplish; be broken off; better; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; burn up; cease; charge through; clear; come to an end; come to rest; complete; conclude; consume; decide; draw to an end; drink; drink up; empty; end; finish; finish off; fix; fly through; get done; get ready; get to the end of; give up; have ended; have finished; improve; kill; land; make better; make empty; murder; perfect; read to the end; remove what is inside; round off; run down; smoke; stop; terminate; turn out; use up; wind up

Related Words for "crib":

  • cribs

Synonyms for "crib":

Related Definitions for "crib":

  1. a card game (usually for two players) in which each player is dealt six cards and discards one or two1
  2. the cards discarded by players at cribbage1
  3. baby bed with high sides made of slats1
  4. a bin or granary for storing grains1
  5. a literal translation used in studying a foreign language (often used illicitly)1
  6. line with beams or planks1
    • crib a construction hole1
  7. take unauthorized (intellectual material)1
  8. use a crib, as in an exam1

Wiktionary Translations for crib:

  1. notes concealed by a student to aid him/her in test or examination
  2. a baby’s bed with high sides

Cross Translation:
crib pesebre KrippeVolkskunst, kurz für: Weihnachtskrippe, die Darstellung der Geburt Christi aus der Weihnachtsgeschichte der Bibel
crib chuleta Schummelzettelsüddeutsch - österreichisch: ein kleines, verborgen mitgeführtes Stück Papier, auf das Notizen und dergleichen geschrieben sind, die es leichter machen sollen, bei einem Test oder einer Schularbeit durchkommen.
crib belén; pesebre; nacimiento; portal crèche — Représentation de la Nativité par des figurines