Detailed Translations for cut down from English to Spanish

cut down:

to cut down verb (cuts down, cut down, cutting down)

  1. to cut down (economize; save; economise)
  2. to cut down (chop down; fell)
  3. to cut down (cut free; cut loose)
  4. to cut down (shorten; abridge; cut short)
  5. to cut down
    cortar; talar

Conjugations for cut down:

  1. cut down
  2. cut down
  3. cuts down
  4. cut down
  5. cut down
  6. cut down
simple past
  1. cut down
  2. cut down
  3. cut down
  4. cut down
  5. cut down
  6. cut down
present perfect
  1. have cut down
  2. have cut down
  3. has cut down
  4. have cut down
  5. have cut down
  6. have cut down
past continuous
  1. was cutting down
  2. were cutting down
  3. was cutting down
  4. were cutting down
  5. were cutting down
  6. were cutting down
  1. shall cut down
  2. will cut down
  3. will cut down
  4. shall cut down
  5. will cut down
  6. will cut down
continuous present
  1. am cutting down
  2. are cutting down
  3. is cutting down
  4. are cutting down
  5. are cutting down
  6. are cutting down
  1. be cut down
  2. be cut down
  3. be cut down
  4. be cut down
  5. be cut down
  6. be cut down
  1. cut down!
  2. let's cut down!
  3. cut down
  4. cutting down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cut down:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abreviar abbreviating; abridging; shortening
acortar abbreviating; abridging
cortar chop down; chopping off; cutting off; hewing off; marooning; seceding; separating
derribar putting down; shooting down; shooting to death
picar biting at
talar chop down
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abreviar abridge; cut down; cut short; shorten abbreviate; abridge; clip; condense; crop; curtail; decline; lower; mark down; recapitulate; reduce; regress; shorten; trim; waining
acortar abridge; cut down; cut short; shorten abridge; clip; crop; curtail; shave; shear; shorten; trim
ahorrar cut down; economise; economize; save allow; bank; collect; decline; donate; economise; economize; gather together; give; glean; horde; moderate; pick up; put money in the bank; regress; save; save up; spare; use less; waining
cortar cut down; cut free; cut loose boast; brag; chip; chisel off; chop; chop off; cleave; clip; clip out; close; conclude; cut; cut away; cut close; cut fine; cut off; cut out; cut through; cut up; cut up in pieces; divide; exagerate; fritter away; hamper; hew off; hew through; hinder; impede; lock; lock up; lop off; mince; nick; notch; obstruct; pare; prune away; reap; score; separate; skim; slice; split; sting; stonewall; style someone's hair; talk big; top; trim; trim away
cortar arboles chop down; cut down; fell
dar golpes chop down; cut down; fell affect; bang; batter; beat; concern; hammer; hit; hit someone; knock; move; pound; smack; smash; strike; strike someone; tap; tap at; touch
dar hachazos chop down; cut down; fell
derribar chop down; cut down; fell blot out; break down; break up; bring down; carve; cast; cut in; delete; demolish; deposit; destroy; destruct; devastate; drag down; eliminate; erase; exhaust; fling; floor; get down; give way; go to pieces; heave; hew in; hurl; knock down; knock over; lay; lay waste; laydown; liquidate; overthrow; overturn; place; pull down; push over; put down; put to the sword; rub out; ruin; sap; set; set down; shoot down; situate; station; sweep away; take down; tear down; tear loose; throw; throw down; throw over; tip over; topple; topple over; upset; wear out; wipe; wipe out; work to death; wreck
economizar cut down; economise; economize; save bank; be economical; economise; economize; go short; haggle; have left; manage economically; moderate; pinch and scrape; put money in the bank; save; skimp; spare; stint; use less; whittle
peinarse chop down; cut down; fell
picar chop down; cut down; fell attack; badger; bait; bite into; cadge; chip away; chip off; corrode; cut; eat heartily; eat hungrily; eat into; engrave; erode; etch; give rise to; gnaw; hack away; having a good feed; itch; jag; mooch; needle; notch; obtain by begging; pierce through; prick; provoke; reap; run through; scrape; stab; stab through; sting; tickle; titillate; work inside
recortar chop down; cut down; fell chisel off; clip; clip out; confine; crop; curtail; cut; cut away; cut back; cut off; cut out; decline; limit; make smaller; reduce; regress; restrict; style someone's hair; trim; trim away; waining
separar cortando cut down; cut free; cut loose
tajar chop down; cut down; fell
talar chop down; cut down; fell chop away; deforest; hew away
- bring down; cut; cut back; cut out; down; drop; fell; knock down; mow; pull down; push down; reduce; slash; strike down; trim; trim back; trim down
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cortar cut
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- curtailed; reduce; restricted
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abreviado abbreviated; curtailed; cut down; cut short; shortened abated; abbreviated; condensed; contracted; curtailed; decreased; reduced; shortened
acortado abbreviated; curtailed; cut down; cut short; shortened abbreviated; condensed; curtailed; shortened
breve abbreviated; curtailed; cut down; cut short; shortened brief; briefly; briefly worded; concise; condensed; succinct; summarized; terse

Synonyms for "cut down":

Related Definitions for "cut down":

  1. cut down on; make a reduction in1
  2. intercept (a player)1
  3. cause to come or go down1
  4. cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow1
  5. cut with a blade or mower1
  6. cut with sweeping strokes; as with an ax or machete1

Wiktionary Translations for cut down:

cut down
  1. To bring down a tree

Cross Translation:
cut down economizar; ahorrar bezuinigen — door zuinig met geld of iets anders om te gaan de uitgaven verminderen
cut down talar; destroncar; tumbar abholzen — Bäume in einem Wald, Forst oder Hain fällen

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