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  1. declutch:


Detailed Translations for declutch from English to Spanish


to declutch verb (declutches, declutched, declutching)

  1. to declutch (depress the clutch)

Conjugations for declutch:

  1. declutch
  2. declutch
  3. declutches
  4. declutch
  5. declutch
  6. declutch
simple past
  1. declutched
  2. declutched
  3. declutched
  4. declutched
  5. declutched
  6. declutched
present perfect
  1. have declutched
  2. have declutched
  3. has declutched
  4. have declutched
  5. have declutched
  6. have declutched
past continuous
  1. was declutching
  2. were declutching
  3. was declutching
  4. were declutching
  5. were declutching
  6. were declutching
  1. shall declutch
  2. will declutch
  3. will declutch
  4. shall declutch
  5. will declutch
  6. will declutch
continuous present
  1. am declutching
  2. are declutching
  3. is declutching
  4. are declutching
  5. are declutching
  6. are declutching
  1. be declutched
  2. be declutched
  3. be declutched
  4. be declutched
  5. be declutched
  6. be declutched
  1. declutch!
  2. let's declutch!
  3. declutched
  4. declutching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for declutch:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
desacoplar disconnect; disconnecting; disconnection; uncoupling; unhooking
desconectar disconnect
separar disconnecting; disconnection; dispersing; removing; separating; uncoupling; unhooking
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
desacoplar declutch; depress the clutch disconnect; uncouple; undock
desconectar declutch; depress the clutch amputate; bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; cheat; clearly define; close; conclude; define; demarcate; disconnect; extinguish; fence; fence in; fence off; get undone; gull; halt; lock; lock up; make out; map out; mark out; matter; outline; pull out; put out; set out; spoof; stop; switch off; trace out; trick; turn off; uncouple; unpick; untie
desembragar declutch; depress the clutch
separar declutch; depress the clutch adjourn; break down; break up; cleave; collect; come round for; crack; deprive of; differentiate; disconnect; dissociate from; divide; divorce; excerpt; extract; fetch; get undone; hoard; isolate; itemise; itemize; oust; part; pick up; place apart; pot; pull off; pull out; remove; rip off; seclude; secluding; separate; set apart; sever; split; split off; split up; store; strip off; take; take along; take away; tear loose; tear off; uncouple; unpick; untie

Synonyms for "declutch":

Related Definitions for "declutch":

  1. disengage the clutch of a car1