Detailed Translations for describe from English to Spanish


to describe verb (describes, described, describing)

  1. to describe (sketch; outline)
  2. to describe (reproduce)
  3. to describe (tell; say; expound; )
  4. to describe (characterize; define; depict; mark; characterise)
    – give a description of 1
  5. to describe (depict; portray; paint; picture)

Conjugations for describe:

  1. describe
  2. describe
  3. describes
  4. describe
  5. describe
  6. describe
simple past
  1. described
  2. described
  3. described
  4. described
  5. described
  6. described
present perfect
  1. have described
  2. have described
  3. has described
  4. have described
  5. have described
  6. have described
past continuous
  1. was describing
  2. were describing
  3. was describing
  4. were describing
  5. were describing
  6. were describing
  1. shall describe
  2. will describe
  3. will describe
  4. shall describe
  5. will describe
  6. will describe
continuous present
  1. am describing
  2. are describing
  3. is describing
  4. are describing
  5. are describing
  6. are describing
  1. be described
  2. be described
  3. be described
  4. be described
  5. be described
  6. be described
  1. describe!
  2. let's describe!
  3. described
  4. describing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for describe:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pintar painting; portraying; staining
reflejar mirror image; reflection
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
caracterizar characterise; characterize; define; depict; describe; mark be in contrast with; characterise; characterize; express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; initial; interpret; mark; paraph; personify; portray; represent; reveal oneself; speak; talk; typify; utter; ventilate
contar cover; define; depict; describe; explain; expound; recount; report; say; tell add up; blab; calculate; chat; chatter; count; count in; count off; count out; estimate; figure in; have a conversation; include; narrate; pay with the exact money; rattle; relate; report; speak; talk; tell
definir describe; outline; sketch clearly define; define; demarcate; determine; establish; fence; fence in; fence off; identify; map out; mark out; outline; state precisely; trace out
describir characterise; characterize; define; depict; describe; mark; outline; paint; picture; portray; reproduce; sketch characterise; characterize; define; determine; mark; outline; typify
detallar describe; outline; sketch clarify; define; detail; determine; explain; make clear; make explicit; outline; specify; state precisely
escribir en describe; outline; sketch
explicar describe; outline; sketch answer for; clarify; elucidate; enlighten; exemplify; explain; expound; illustrate; justify; light out; make clear; make explicit; make something accessible; make something clear; spotlight; throw light on
exponer cover; define; depict; describe; explain; expound; recount; report; say; tell attach; attract attention; bare; be conspicuous; be on show; clarify; contribute; display; enlighten; enter; exhibit; explain; expose; flaunt; jut out; leap out; light out; make clear; make explicit; offer; parade; post; prance; present; protrude; send in; show; show off; spotlight; stand out; stick out; uncover; unmask
expresar describe; reproduce declare; express; express oneself; formulate; give expression to; impersonate; interpret; offer; personify; phrase; portray; present; put into words; represent; reveal oneself; show; speak; spout; talk; translate; unload; utter; ventilate; verbalise; verbalize; voice; word
hacer un boceto describe; outline; sketch
hacerse eco de describe; reproduce translate
interpretar describe; reproduce act; clarify; dramatise; dramatize; explain; impersonate; interpret; make clear; make explicit; perform; personify; portray; render; represent; transcribe; translate
narrar cover; define; depict; describe; explain; expound; recount; report; say; tell narrate; report; tell
pintar depict; describe; paint; picture; portray advise; depict; draw; dye; impersonate; interpret; paint; personify; portray; represent; sketch; suggest
reflejar describe; reproduce be reflected; cast back; clarify; consider; echo; enlighten; light out; mirror; reflect; regard; resound; reverberate; sound; spotlight; strike back; think it over; think out; translate
reproducir describe; reproduce copy; duplicate; multiply; photocopy; play; reproduce; translate; xerox
- account; delineate; depict; discover; distinguish; draw; identify; key; key out; line; name; report; trace
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
reproducir playback

Synonyms for "describe":

Related Definitions for "describe":

  1. identify as in botany or biology, for example1
  2. to give an account or representation of in words1
    • Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental1
  3. give a description of1
  4. make a mark or lines on a surface1

Wiktionary Translations for describe:

  1. to represent in words

Cross Translation:
describe describir beschrijven — in woorden uitdrukken
describe escribir beschreiben — ein Schriftstück mit Text versehen
describe dibujar; describir schildern — etwas anschaulich und detailreich erzählen, beschreiben
describe caracterizar; describir; pintar; representar; retratar; señalar zeichnen(transitiv); im übertragenen Sinne: schildern; (in literarischen Darbietungen und Texten) Figuren, Charaktere mittels Zeichen, Sprachstil, Gesten, in Haltung und Miene interagierend handeln lassen
describe describir décrirereprésenter, dépeindre dans son ensemble une personne, une chose, soit par écrit, soit de vive voix.
describe cualificar qualifiermarquer de quel caractère est une chose, une proposition, une action.
describe representar; describir; jugar; tocar; expresar; enunciar représenterprésenter de nouveau.