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Detailed Translations for detection from English to Spanish


detection [the ~] noun

  1. the detection (apperception; perception; observation)
    la percepción; la observación; la contemplación; la apercepción

Translation Matrix for detection:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apercepción apperception; detection; observation; perception
contemplación apperception; detection; observation; perception consideration; considered opinion; contemplation; deliberation; ground; meditation; observation; observe; pondering; reflection; reflexion; speculativeness; thought
observación apperception; detection; observation; perception comment; consideration; declaration; detecting; discerning; ellipse; enunciation; expression of opinion; letting out; noticing; observation; observe; pronunciation; remark; statement; utterance
percepción apperception; detection; observation; perception cashing; detecting; discerning; feeling; noticing; perception; sensation; silvering
- catching; detecting; detective work; espial; sensing; signal detection; sleuthing; spotting; spying

Related Words for "detection":

  • detections

Synonyms for "detection":

Related Definitions for "detection":

  1. the act of detecting something; catching sight of something1
  2. a police investigation to determine the perpetrator1
    • detection is hard on the feet1
  3. the perception that something has occurred or some state exists1
    • early detection can often lead to a cure1
  4. the detection that a signal is being received1
  5. Discovery of a certain condition that affects a computer system or the data with which it works.2

Wiktionary Translations for detection:

  1. act of detecting or sensing something

Cross Translation:
detection descubrimiento Entdeckung — Auffindung von etwas bisher Unbekanntem
detection detección detectie — opsporing, ontdekking